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Develop a system to export Vegbranch compatible data

Added by Michael Lee almost 20 years ago. Updated over 17 years ago.

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Export of full VegBank package to Access Database that VegBranch can connect to.

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Is duplicate of VegBank - Bug #868: [1340] Port to Access toolClosed11/13/2002


#1 Updated by John Harris over 19 years ago

At some poit we should develop a system to export data in a format that MS
Access can snarf up -- I think either
1] xml
2] mdb via rmi
3] mdb via mdb tools:

#2 Updated by John Harris over 19 years ago

  • Bug 868 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

#3 Updated by Michael Lee over 19 years ago

lee is assigned the task of researching options for merging access databases.

#4 Updated by Michael Lee about 19 years ago

Mark needs to add the functionality to VegBank export for the plots to be
downloaded in SQL format for upload into VegBranch. This option should be
titled "VegBranch export" and perhaps some help files could explain that this
is SQL data. The SQL needs to explicitly reference fieldnames. This will be
issued against a blank VegBranch database and the user will then have his/her
data in VegBranch that s/he queried on VegBank. Once this step is completed,
Lee will need to add a small user interface to VegBranch to automate the
creation of a vegbank_module.mdb on the user's machine and add the new SQL data
to it.

#5 Updated by Michael Lee almost 19 years ago

We're getting behind a little bit for the Nov. meeting. This task should be one
of the last tasks attempted, if we have time.

#6 Updated by Michael Lee almost 19 years ago

no time left. These must sadly be pushed back to version 1.0.0

#7 Updated by Michael Lee over 18 years ago

This is done in VegBranch and will be released in version 1.3 and needs to be
tested and evaluated in VegBranch meetings in CH in late May.

#8 Updated by Michael Lee over 18 years ago

The method for solving this is as follows:
1.get vegbank XML from plot query this with XSL that turns XML into something .csv-like that VegBranch can
3.VegBranch takes this .csv like thing and imports it, then sends data to
appropriate tables in vegbank module. Matches to entities are done with
accessionCode, + plantName and commName for those 2 tables, + stratumIndex
within a stratumMethod accCode.
4.A log of what is done is kept so that this process can be reversed if
undesired results occur. are in VegBank Module of vegbranch, can go view it if you want!

#9 Updated by Michael Lee over 18 years ago

not really Nov1, but sooner than other bugs

#10 Updated by Michael Lee over 18 years ago

In order for this bug to be closed, we need to have the XML output styled and a
new option for downloading plots: as a VegBranch Import File (a type of .csv
file). The stylesheet to be used is:
We may want to be able to configure this in the file. I
haven't thought if we want to continue supporting older versions of VegBranch
downloads when the model changes. For now, let's not worry about that.

Then a new radio button needs to be added to:
to allow downloading not of the XML file, but the styled XML file, just like
ASCII species and plot downloads.

New links need not be added to the query results page, as it has enough options
already, and this really is a confusing mess: not useful to view, only useful to

VegBranch needs to validate that this is really a valid file before importing.
More QA of that import process would be useful too.

#11 Updated by P. Anderson over 18 years ago

The zipped UTF-16 encoded CSV import file which contains plots selected from the
plot query display page can now be downloaded using download wizard. I pass
this to Michael to confirm that VegBranch likes what VegBank produces.

Note that is the very latest deployment as of 16:30 PDT, including
this feature.

#12 Updated by Michael Lee about 18 years ago

This works great now!

#13 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 764

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