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"Required" fields currently must be > 2 characters -- lastName=Ng fails

Added by Michael Lee over 21 years ago. Updated over 21 years ago.

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There are currently 2 fields in this form that Bob wanted deleted at one time.
They are :
What use do you anticipate making the VegBank archive? name="useVegbank"
Briefly describe your prior experience with other vegetation plot database
and/or analytical tools name="plotdbDoc"

These need to be deleted from this html page, from the User database, and from
the servlet that deals with this page

Additionally, this class contains the method : handleCertification
that deals with validating the data from the form and making sure required
fields are filled in:
Line 426 (currently):
// check that the required paramteres are upto snuff
if ( surName.length() > 2 && givenName.length() > 2 && phoneNumber.length()

2 && currentCertLevel.length() > 0

&& degreeInst.length() > 2 && currentInst.length() > 2 && esaPos.length()

0 && vegSamplingDoc.length() > 2

&& vegAnalysisDoc.length() > 2 && submittedEmail.length() > 2
&& vegSamplingDoc.length() > 2 && vegAnalysisDoc.length() > 2 &&
usnvcExpDoc.length() >2
&& vegbankExpDoc.length() > 2 && useVegbank.length() > 2 &&
plotdbDoc.length() > 2)

My test certification failed, showing a curious html page that says some of my
fields are required and I didn't fill them in. However, I did fill them if, but
they were short (i.e. Name was M Lee). These >2 conditions should probably be
rewritten as >0. After I saw this and lengthened fields, the certification
worked fine.

See attached document for the error message I received.


usermanagement.html (4.4 KB) usermanagement.html Michael Lee, 01/09/2003 05:29 PM
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Updated by Michael Lee over 21 years ago

We no longer want to delete the 2 fields in question. These can be left as they
are. The only change necessary with this bug now is changing the java class to
make sure that required fields are accepted if they have characters entered into
the field. See the html doc that I attached for the confusing error message I
received. Something to the effect of "The following fields are required, but
you left some blank:" then all fields listed were filled in. Some were just
too short for the java code.

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Updated by John Harris over 21 years ago

This bug is fixed on the test system.

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