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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1662 EML Bug In Progress Immediate id key definitions in EML Matt Jones 01/10/2012 02:24 PM
1197 EML Bug New Normal dictionary needed for externallyDefinedFormat Matt Jones 09/02/2004 09:38 AM
918 EML Bug Resolved Normal example tag in eml:documentation Matt Jones 12/05/2002 08:00 PM
654 EML Bug Resolved Immediate scope of the unit element Matt Jones 10/30/2002 12:25 PM
622 EML Bug Resolved Normal redundancy in eml-physical/binaryRaster Matt Jones 10/07/2002 02:04 PM
599 EML Bug Resolved Normal storageType is repeatable in eml-attribute Matt Jones 10/01/2002 12:52 PM
592 EML Bug Resolved Normal validation error with xs:anyType Matt Jones 10/01/2002 12:47 PM
568 EML Bug Resolved Normal accomodation of stateful connection information. Matt Jones 10/01/2002 05:08 PM
566 EML Bug Resolved Normal change how eml.xsd imports resource modules Peter McCartney 08/30/2002 11:10 AM

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