From 03/14/2001 to 04/12/2001


11:43 AM Bug #229 (Resolved): revise eml-resource
Incorporate revisions to eml-resource.xsd that were suggested in the EML 2
workshop. Includes separating dataset, l...
Matt Jones


12:07 PM Bug #45: problems validating against resource.xsd
No longer relevant because the XML Schema standard has changed, so Xerces 1.1.2
no longer works. Need to be sure we ...
Matt Jones
12:05 PM Bug #144: need lineage and version metadata standard
Postpone a full lineage model till later when we can do it right. In the
interim, use the eml-protocol module that w...
Matt Jones
12:03 PM Bug #140: Revise eml-access module
Make revisions specified in the EML 2 workshop. Matt Jones
12:02 PM Bug #176: research protocol, qa/qc
Need to add the changes from the EML 2 workshop. Matt Jones
12:02 PM Bug #175: package, lineage
These modules are no longer relevant because of the changes that we decided on
in EML 2 workshop.
Matt Jones
12:00 PM Bug #174: attribute, constraint, entity, distribution
Implement decisions fromthe EML2 workshop in these modules, and document. Matt Jones
11:55 AM Bug #1: need more extensive element documentation
Need to complete docuemntation in XSD files now that we've decided on revisions
from the EML 2 workshop.
Matt Jones

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