From 10/04/2008 to 11/02/2008


01:55 PM Bug #3006: Add LSID+GUID to data rows
This has been done for observation records, which are seen as critical for avoiding duplication. Other entities can ... Michael Lee
01:54 PM Bug #2776: Need some queries to help us summarize issues for contractors
I think this is resolved in the excel report. Michael Lee
01:52 PM Bug #2869: Migrate OLD ARCHIVE to the NEW ARCHIVE
working on it now. Michael Lee
01:51 PM Bug #2866: Migrate data from OLD entry db to OLD archive (w/ SAS) (52,59,61)
projects 59 and 61 have been moved through and are in the old archive database version B2g.
I'm pretty sure we deter...
Michael Lee
01:49 PM Bug #2659: StratumPlot not linked to HerbData
I did this as part of prep work for import to new archive database. What a relief.
Michael Lee
12:46 PM Bug #2659: StratumPlot not linked to HerbData
This is under way. I have hit the main ones, and am going through what remains. Michael Lee
12:46 PM Bug #3589 (New): Go through and map species by stratum: are floating and acquatic species assigned to those strata?
The old style entry tool never mapped the stratum definitions from the herb datasheet onto the stratum definitions on... Michael Lee


09:58 AM Bug #3532 (In Progress): Revise elevation based on NASA data
five things:
1) get elevation data from Jenn for our plots (Forbes)
2) check elevations and flag any that are signi...
Michael Lee
09:55 AM Bug #3485: Project 22, stem sub tree truncated for whole project!
This has been fixed in the old archive database, version b2f. Michael Lee
09:55 AM Bug #3484: Project 50 stems a mess!
This has been probably fixed in the woody stems basal area document that Forbes created and Michael applied to the ol... Michael Lee
09:54 AM Bug #2868: upgrade taxonomy using TaxonOccurence Spreadsheet (aka Cover_ver4_withCBS)
After migrating old archive database into the new one, Michael will use the TaxonOccurence Spreadsheet (aka Cover_ver... Michael Lee

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