From 10/21/2008 to 11/19/2008


02:03 PM Bug #3681 (New): Add 'Original Label Taxon' field to the specimen record
When I look at a specimen on the SE Atlas such as NCU-75254 and it gives
the name as Magnolia virginiana, that is si...
Robert Peet


09:33 AM Bug #3617 (New): Add directions for citation to homepage
Liu, X, R.K. Peet and A.S. Weakley. Atlas of the Flora of the Southeastern United States. University of North Carolin... Robert Peet


04:15 PM Bug #3613 (Resolved): run revision project 32: 4 stems in old archive "bigstem" table are too small
have stems sizes 4,5,1, and 0 respectively. These are errors and the raw datashe...
Michael Lee


03:29 PM Bug #3612 (New): Citation instructions
We need to place explanation for citation of teh Atlaas on the hoempage.
Might I suggest:
Liu, X, R.K. Peet and A...
Robert Peet
09:54 PM Bug #3611 (In Progress): Newell R module = supersample?
> I have discovered a rather surprising anomaly in our database. I am
> working on making sure that the calculation...
Michael Lee
04:13 PM Bug #3609 (Resolved): subsampling typo? 11-C-309
011-0C-0309 is listed in a way in the file that I think the 20% and 10% subsample should be something else, but I'm n... Michael Lee


01:55 PM Bug #3006: Add LSID+GUID to data rows
This has been done for observation records, which are seen as critical for avoiding duplication. Other entities can ... Michael Lee
01:54 PM Bug #2776: Need some queries to help us summarize issues for contractors
I think this is resolved in the excel report. Michael Lee
01:52 PM Bug #2869: Migrate OLD ARCHIVE to the NEW ARCHIVE
working on it now. Michael Lee
01:51 PM Bug #2866: Migrate data from OLD entry db to OLD archive (w/ SAS) (52,59,61)
projects 59 and 61 have been moved through and are in the old archive database version B2g.
I'm pretty sure we deter...
Michael Lee
01:49 PM Bug #2659: StratumPlot not linked to HerbData
I did this as part of prep work for import to new archive database. What a relief.
Michael Lee
12:46 PM Bug #2659: StratumPlot not linked to HerbData
This is under way. I have hit the main ones, and am going through what remains. Michael Lee
12:46 PM Bug #3589 (New): Go through and map species by stratum: are floating and acquatic species assigned to those strata?
The old style entry tool never mapped the stratum definitions from the herb datasheet onto the stratum definitions on... Michael Lee

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