From 05/17/2009 to 06/15/2009


12:42 PM Bug #4158 (Resolved): Start Date: make consistent in label on datasheets
Here's another little data form peculiarity I picked up - the Level 1&2 Plot Data form use the term "Start Date" (bol... Michael Lee
12:04 PM Bug #4157 (New): Decide on impermeable surface for soildrainage
Along this line, we also noted yesterday that the current Level 1&2 Plot Data for does not offer "Impervious surface"... Michael Lee
12:02 PM Bug #4156 (New): clairification of mean-water depth
- clarification of Mean Water Depth - is this the depth of water "where present" or for a random sample of points thr... Michael Lee
12:00 PM Bug #4155 (Resolved): Add all fields to reference webpage/site
Some progress has been made on this already, using the information and sorting order within the entry tool. Michael Lee
11:59 AM Bug #4154 (New): post-workshop 2009 CONTAINER BUG
post-workshop 2009 container bug. Michael Lee


08:35 AM Bug #3844: none-of-the-above community placeholder: EntryTool
added to entry tool download files. Michael Lee
08:03 AM Bug #2918: Headers of entry forms are annoying
This has withstood QA and is looking good- better than before, certainly. Michael Lee
07:34 AM Bug #3012: For level 1 data, redundant error check: plot size missing
fixed, v227_p5/27p Michael Lee

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