From 05/13/2002 to 06/11/2002


05:06 PM Bug #528 (New): contact MARINE about handheld development
MARINE is conducting similar work under the direction of L. Cooper. Mark has
agreed to contact Larry and keep us ap...
Matt Jones
05:05 PM Bug #527 (In Progress): compile and review existing software
Compile an archive of existing software to examine how field computing is
currently handled. This will be the groun...
Matt Jones
05:03 PM Bug #526 (New): get data sheets and protocol descriptions from NCEAS ecologists
Mark agreed to solicit example data sheets and protocol descriptions from the
various scientists at NCEAS to give a ...
Matt Jones
05:01 PM Bug #525 (In Progress): develop example protocol descriptions
Need to develop some example methods that illustrate the typical procedures
employed in the field in ecology. THese...
Matt Jones


04:57 PM Bug #524 (Resolved): field trips for developers
Need to run an intertidal and Sedgewick field trip for the developers to become
more familiar with typical field pra...
Matt Jones
04:55 PM Bug #523 (Resolved): prioritize and categorize requirements
Need to prioritize and categorize the requirements list, as well as develop it
more fully. The initial list is in CVS.
Matt Jones

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