From 06/20/2003 to 07/19/2003


07:23 AM Bug #1011: Need a logging facility!
We now have a logging facility for the Jalama custom native code, and for the
Jalama XPCOM objects the NSPR Logging s...
John Harris
07:21 AM Bug #1020: fix mac compile warnings
Got rid of the mac compiler errors. John Harris


01:15 PM Bug #1113 (Resolved): Can't open more than one webclient panel in same session
Can't open more than one webclient panel in same session, and can't change chrome for
a single panel in the same se...
Matthew Brooke


11:09 AM Bug #1112 (Resolved): linux - core dumps on window closing
on linux, RH 7.x - 9.0, when the user closes the jalama java window by clicking
the upper-right 'x', the app dumps c...
John Harris


03:00 PM Bug #1086: Generate XUL from schema
John is currently working on this, so I reassigned it to him Matthew Brooke


12:26 PM Bug #1107: implement properties file for settings
finished - see src/edu/ucsb/nceas/util/XMLProperties, which tries to stay as
close as possible to the API of the java...
Matthew Brooke

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