From 04/25/2005 to 05/24/2005


01:06 PM Bug #2089 (Resolved): Problem with docs source code with Java 1.5
Documentation source code under the 'src/docs' subdirectory will not compile
under Java 1.5 (It does work under 1.4)...
Dan Higgins
01:04 PM Bug #2046: libexpat.dll needs to be copied by installer
fixed in the alpha6 installer Dan Higgins
01:03 PM Bug #2068: Error while building actor tree with PT CVS version
Using the new Ptolemy release (5beta) fixes this problem. Dan Higgins


09:05 AM Bug #2009: Provide Cancel for Search Function
fixed Dan Higgins
09:01 AM Bug #1999: Very long delays on first startup of new install
Jython actor removed from actor tree; this fixes the very long startup problem Dan Higgins
08:59 AM Bug #1998: Enter in actor search text box causes reset
Fixed so that 'return' activates search Dan Higgins

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