From 02/26/2012 to 03/26/2012


01:52 PM Bug #5580 (Resolved): create sensor-view module documentation
Write sensor-view module documentation. Derik Barseghian
01:35 PM Bug #4746: ability to create a Site Layout report
Changing target to reporting-2.x.y -- if we go with proposed soln in comment#5, this is a feature to add to reporting. Derik Barseghian
01:28 PM Bug #4763: create gui to access datalogger program
Changing target, this feature will probably have to stay disabled for the first sensor-view release. Derik Barseghian
01:22 PM Bug #4758: search for site components in kepler's data tab
Some sort of grouping to make Data search results more manageable would really be great, but pushing target back sinc... Derik Barseghian
01:19 PM Bug #5423: Put kepler-server war file and kepler executatlbe as part of normal installation procedure
Now we are creating a product named kepler-run-engine. It consists four components -- the workflow run engine, the wo... Jing Tao
01:03 PM Bug #5364: DataTurbine server memory error
Change target milestone to sensor-view-1.x.y. Derik Barseghian
01:00 PM Bug #5313: fix Import Sensor Site and Export Site to KML menu item issues
Dan fixed the second issue, duplicate entries in uiMenuMapping, at r29561. Derik Barseghian


11:51 AM Bug #5575: open composites from outline tab
This was implemented by Philippe Huynh. I also added a menu item to center the canvas on the selected actor. Daniel Crawl


03:11 PM Bug #5579: Upload to Repository on actors doesn't work
I just tried on Mac. It worked as well. Jing Tao
03:05 PM Bug #5579: Upload to Repository on actors doesn't work
Excellent, hopefully there's just something wrong with this mac's 2.3.0 instance -- to be honest I'm not certain what... Derik Barseghian
02:41 PM Bug #5579: Upload to Repository on actors doesn't work
Hi, Derik:
I just uploaded the Display actor to kepler-dev successfully:
Jing Tao
02:19 PM Bug #5579 (Resolved): Upload to Repository on actors doesn't work
If you right-click on an actor and select Upload to Repository, you get an Error:
There was a problem uploading the ...
Derik Barseghian


03:00 PM Bug #5578 (Resolved): Add DiffModules with build-area
StatusModules excludes build-area because it isn't in modules.txt. It would be helpful to include build-area in 'ant... dhogan dhogan
02:34 PM Bug #5577 (New): EML 2 Dataset actor EML File and Data File parameters should accept URLs
Corinna would like to access remote datapackages via configuring the EML 2 Dataset actor's EML File and Data File par... Derik Barseghian

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