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12:23 PM Kepler Bug #5333: 2.2 rc3: getenv("") doesn't work for mac installation.
> One way work around is to set environment variables at
~/.MacOSX/environment.plist file. It works for Kepl...


03:00 PM Kepler Bug #5578 (Resolved): Add DiffModules with build-area
StatusModules excludes build-area because it isn't in modules.txt. It would be helpful to include build-area in 'ant...


03:02 PM Kepler Bug #5557: Replace hardcoded path separator with File.pathSeparator
This is a bit of a hack since it requires you to compile doc.doclets.RatingTaglet first. It does generate all of the...


07:52 AM Kepler Bug #5558 (New): Add kepler-tasks target to build.xml and use depend in kepler-tasks.xml
The attached patch adds a new target, kepler-tasks, to run 'ant -f kepler-tasks.xml'. It also uses depend to avoid f...


12:44 PM Kepler Bug #5557: Replace hardcoded path separator with File.pathSeparator
Added a few more fixes. The importance should be bumped to normal because it's no longer just a cosmetic fix. When ...
11:58 AM Kepler Bug #5557 (New): Replace hardcoded path separator with File.pathSeparator
The class uses ":" rather than File.pathSeparator. It will display incorrectly on...
09:43 AM Kepler Bug #5556 (New): Add key bind to GUI to avoid connecting edge prematurely
It would be really nice if Diva had some key bind to allow you to avoid connections. A common use case would be when...
09:25 AM Kepler Bug #5555 (New): Add reverse index in ArrayElement
Trivial enhancement to add reverse index to ArrayElement in Ptolemy.


02:58 PM Kepler Bug #5554 (In Progress): Build system doesn't recompile using dependencies by default
The build system is using the Javac task's default dependency mechanism which checks mtimes of source code vs. class ...
11:11 AM Kepler Bug #5502: use https to svn check out modules
This would make it easier to track development behind a corporate firewall.
Attached is a patch that uses https for ...

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