From 08/14/2014 to 09/12/2014


10:03 AM Feature #6594 (New): cannot download from a tag
"ant change-to" downloads either from the trunk or branches. It'd be nice to also work with tags. Daniel Crawl


05:32 PM Feature #6587: summarize missing actors
Thanks for folding these changes in to MoMLParser, Christopher. I'll ask Philippe if he really wants a dialog or stde... Daniel Crawl
05:00 PM Feature #6587: summarize missing actors
We now print the missing classes to stdout.
MessageHandler can have selectable text if you invoke MessageHandler...
Christopher Brooks


01:27 PM Bug #6588 (New): R actor does not have error for missing output
If the R actor has an output port "x", but the script does not assign a value to a variable "x", then the actor shoul... Daniel Crawl
10:08 AM Feature #6587: summarize missing actors
I'll take a look. Christopher Brooks
09:52 AM Feature #6587 (New): summarize missing actors
If a workflow is opened that contains actors that are not present in the class path, an error dialog is displayed for... Daniel Crawl

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