From 03/11/2001 to 04/09/2001


03:35 PM Bug #213 (New): transaction support for packages
Need to build in transaction support for packages. a client should be able to
insert (or update) a bunch of compone...
Matt Jones
01:04 PM Bug #199 (Resolved): changes in Access Control mechanism
The "public" attribute has been elimanted form eml-access. Need to accomodate
this by searching for a special "publ...
Matt Jones
12:59 PM Bug #197 (Resolved): revisionid should be generated on client, not metacat
Currently metacat assigns a revisionid when allowing updates of metadata
documents. This should be changed so that ...
Matt Jones
12:56 PM Bug #196 (Resolved): Metacat READ function should set mime type
Metacat read fucntion should set the Content-header: to contain the appropriate
mime-type for the data being returne...
Matt Jones
12:53 PM Bug #195: allow metacat to store files on multiple fs
Need 163 to be finished for this to be relevant. Matt Jones
12:53 PM Bug #195 (In Progress): allow metacat to store files on multiple fs
Metacat currently stores files on a single file system. Need to changes this so
that Metacat can be configured to s...
Matt Jones
12:50 PM Bug #194: manage files by accession# on file system
Need new FSAdapter class implementation to be completed for this to be relevant.
See bug 163 .
Matt Jones
12:49 PM Bug #194 (Resolved): manage files by accession# on file system
Need to manage files by accession # on the filesystem when using the file system
as a storage system for data.
Matt Jones
12:47 PM Bug #193 (Resolved): evaluate recursive search performance
Need to evaluate performance of recursive searches more thoroughly and, if they
turn out to be as fast as searches u...
Matt Jones
12:45 PM Bug #192: create a dtd for result sets
this bug depends on the resolution of bug 190 as well. Matt Jones
12:44 PM Bug #192 (Resolved): create a dtd for result sets
Need to have a DTD describing how resultsets work for metacat. Matt Jones
12:41 PM Bug #191 (Resolved): Override protocol handling for http URLs
Metacat currently uses a socket system for uploading data files because of an
inefficiency in how http urls are hand...
Matt Jones
12:39 PM Bug #190 (Resolved): modify resultset to return all package information
Need to accomodate changes to EML packages that we have discussed, and to fix
the incorrect treatment of packages in...
Matt Jones
12:33 PM Bug #189 (Resolved): add <, >, and numeric = operators to pathquery language
Need to have less than, greater than, and numeric equals operator support in the
pathquery language so that we can d...
Matt Jones
12:31 PM Bug #188 (Resolved): provide a metacat client library with a standard API
Need to be able to call metacat directly from another servlet or from within a
client app (using it for local metada...
Matt Jones
12:28 PM Bug #163: need data repository interface for metacat
At the Santa Barbara meeting we agreed to create a generic RepositoryInterface
class that defines the set of methods ...
Matt Jones
12:26 PM Bug #187 (Resolved): test metacat on Windows NT/2000
Need to test the Metacat servlet on NT/2000, possibly using an Oracle DB that
runs on another host for the time bein...
Matt Jones
12:22 PM Bug #183: Port metacat to PostgresSQL and other databases
At Santa Barbara meeting, agreed to create a generic database interface and a
series of adapters for each supported d...
Matt Jones
12:21 PM Bug #162: need harvest/batch load for metacat
Decided that this feature will use a site-specific XML input filter that
converts the site's metadata to XML format. ...
Matt Jones
12:17 PM Bug #186 (Resolved): add web metadata entry form for Metacat
Discussed need for a web-based metadata entry form. Nottrott has a simple form
which is a starting point, and has a...
Matt Jones
12:10 PM Bug #185 (Resolved): replication security hole
Need to fix security hole in Metacat replication feature where host name can be
spoofed, allowing complete access to...
Matt Jones


03:49 PM Revision 728 (metacat): fixes on getting information from LDAP services


12:46 PM Revision 727 (metacat): added check to see if a replication server's IP matched it's DNS entry and the entry in the replication table

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