From 12/06/2001 to 01/04/2002


10:09 AM Bug #328: ldap referrals crash system when one referree is down
fixed this bug by changing the referral type to 'throw' and catching the referral exception then handling the Nameing... Chad Berkley
08:35 AM Revision 890 (metacat): new README for 1.0.2
08:26 AM Revision 889 (metacat): new build file with updated release number


02:02 PM Revision 888 (metacat): updated the referral mechanism so that metacat doesn't crash when a referral server is not available


12:13 PM Revision 887 (metacat): made it so we can now use multiple accessfilestypes and packagdfiletypes in the file. Also fixed a bug introduced when the 'http://' was removed from behind the server name in the loaddtd.sql script and the knb.xml file


01:24 PM Revision 885 (metacat): Updated properties to reflect the new EML version.
Matt Jones
01:23 PM Revision 884 (metacat): Added new dtd to style-set config file.
Matt Jones
01:05 PM Revision 883 (metacat): More changes to build process. No longer need the instdtd target
because it is handled by the install target. Updated installation
instructions accordingly.
Matt Jones
12:27 PM Revision 882 (metacat): Updated documentation to reflect new installprocess.
Modified build.xml to properly copy the docs into the distribution, which
required some changes in the ant token filt...
Matt Jones
11:50 AM Revision 881 (metacat): updated documentation. removed a lot of typos and updated all of the new stuff for the new release
11:15 AM Revision 880 (metacat): Updated the installation doc to reflect the new install procedure.
Matt Jones
10:15 AM Revision 879 (metacat): Updated build.xml to improve dtd handling so that DTDs can be included in
the distribution. Matt Jones
10:11 AM Revision 878 (metacat): moving metacat docs to xmltodb


09:52 PM Revision 877 (metacat): Improvements to the build process that make it easier to install the DTDs
form EML. There are now three new targets in the build.xml file:
getdtd: uses cvs to get a working copy of a tag...
Matt Jones
08:53 PM Revision 876 (metacat): Removed all of the redundant/obsolete copies of eml dtds from the
metacat module. Now one must get the dtds from the mdstandards/eml
module instead. This is doen to ensure that the ...
Matt Jones
06:57 PM Revision 875 (metacat): Updated the SQL for loading DTD references to use the correct file
names and paths and identifiers. Matt Jones


02:13 PM Revision 874 (metacat): updated for new eml release

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