From 01/05/2002 to 02/03/2002


10:02 PM Revision 922 (metacat): Added qformat parameter for switching css stylesheets.
Matt Jones
09:44 PM Bug #404: Create "CNAMEs" for LTER metcat and ldap
This is a convenience fix that I'll submit this week. These will initially point
to quark - a Sun Ultra 10 that will...
James Brunt


08:38 PM Revision 921 (metacat): Fixed bug in login.xsl that was preventing a successful xslt transform. Now
successful logins redirect correctly, unsuccessful ones redirect to the
login page again.
Matt Jones


01:14 AM Revision 920 (metacat): Set the qformat parameter so the stylesheets can use it for conditional
processing. Matt Jones
12:56 AM Revision 919 (metacat): Added new stylesheets for displaying the eml-attribute and eml-entity modules.
Matt Jones
06:07 PM Revision 918 (metacat): Changed the link urls in the eml-dataset display stylesheet to use the
default style-set as set in the build file rather than hard-coding the
value 'html'. This allows more flexibility in...
Matt Jones


03:28 PM Revision 917 (metacat): fixed error with dist target so that it now copies the source correctly
02:29 PM Bug #408 (Resolved): Authentication is by-passed when a client follows an LDAP referral
The LDAP database services the dc=ecoinformatics,dc=org
tree, but is extended by LDAP refer...
Chris Jones


10:29 AM Revision 916 (metacat): updated all of the returndoctypes so that emlbeta4 and emlbeta6 will show up in the resultset.
10:15 AM Revision 915 (metacat): fixed error I introduced when I got postgres working
08:51 AM Bug #407: ldapweb.cgi confusing wrt 'other' organizations
Fixed. Changed the label to 'unaffiliated' to match the value and what needs to
be entered into morpho.
Matt Jones
08:43 AM Bug #407 (Resolved): ldapweb.cgi confusing wrt 'other' organizations
From Dan Higgins:
I discovered that I need to set the organization to 'unaffiliated' in order
to login after cre...
Matt Jones


10:25 AM Revision 914 (metacat): changed dtd dir
10:02 AM Revision 913 (metacat): changed the datadir again
09:56 AM Revision 912 (metacat): changed datadir variable from install-dir to installdir


08:10 AM Bug #404: Create "CNAMEs" for LTER metcat and ldap
David -
I think you are a bit unclear on the concept. We're not creating a new domain
for the ldap server - we ar...
James Brunt


02:15 PM Bug #403: LDAP and LTER personnel password synchronization problems
Everything tested and working correctly. David Blankman
09:53 AM Bug #403 (Resolved): LDAP and LTER personnel password synchronization problems
Discovered that the the random password generator function in the new person entry script (entry
into sql server da...
David Blankman
11:24 AM Bug #404 (Resolved): Create "CNAMEs" for LTER metcat and ldap
Create CNAMEs:
suggested names: or, ...
David Blankman
11:06 AM Revision 911 (metacat): removed old properties
11:02 AM Revision 910 (metacat): fixed minor error
09:03 AM Bug #101: generate data set usage metadata/ provide access log
This information needs to be accessible to the data set owner (and possibly
others) through the Morpho interface and ...
Matt Jones
07:56 AM Revision 909 (metacat): made postgres db name independent from my name
07:54 AM Bug #303: replace oracle xslt with xalan xslt
replaced the oracle parser with xalan. All references to xmlparserv2.jar and its included classes have been removed. Chad Berkley


11:32 AM Revision 908 (metacat): we no longer need this jar file. all of its functionality was replaced by xalan.
11:31 AM Revision 907 (metacat): jar files for xalan
11:30 AM Revision 906 (metacat): updated metacat so that the xmlparserv2.jar file is no longer needed. replaced all of teh oracle xml processing with xalan and xerces.


02:43 PM Revision 905 (metacat): fixed typo in web.xml file
01:40 PM Revision 904 (metacat): updated the web.xml file. took out download servlet and marineservlet.
01:23 PM Revision 903 (metacat): jar files needed for metacat.
10:31 AM Revision 902 (metacat): *** empty log message ***
10:28 AM Revision 901 (metacat): created dummy versions of the oracle and postgres build files
10:26 AM Revision 900 (metacat): readded the oracle stuff to te build file
10:24 AM Revision 899 (metacat): made a ton of changes related to keeping oracle SQL code out of the main classes. fixed a bug where the timing of the index thread was off so when it went to index a document, the document was not already in xml_documents thus breaking the FK relation between xml_documents and xml_index. I think that bug might be the reason for the blank resultset screens in morpho. made the postgres implementation much more robust.


12:17 PM Revision 898 (metacat): updated postgres sql script so that it creates the same table structure as the oracle script. removed a bunch of \t tabs that were messing things up


03:24 PM Revision 897 (metacat): removed because this is no longer used. it was causing a compile error when using postgres because it directly imports the oracle driver.
03:14 PM Bug #278: Install production o=LTER LDAP Server
Passwords synchronized between Personnel database and ldap server. About 700 people in the LTER
database did not hav...
David Blankman


01:15 PM Revision 895 (metacat): updated for new release
09:35 AM Bug #398: error in handling '&' in response to queries
fixed by adding a 'normalize' method to MetaCatUtil and calling that every time data is added to the triples in the r... Chad Berkley
08:49 PM Bug #398 (Resolved): error in handling '&' in response to queries
There appears to be a problem in how Metacat handles entities like '&' in
responding to queries. If a data file name...
Dan Higgins
08:46 AM Revision 894 (metacat): fixed bug with ampersands in the returned relations in the resultset.


03:04 PM Revision 893 (metacat): added a manual timeout to counteract the hideously long ldap time out that is encountered when a referred ldap server is down.


12:36 PM Bug #325: create site filters to convert site metadata to eml packages
Attended Data Junction workshop in mid December to evaluate Data Junction as an option for
parsing structured & semi...
David Blankman


10:26 AM Revision 892 (metacat): fixed a couple bugs with doctypes that I found while setting up a demo

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