From 12/20/2001 to 01/18/2002


03:14 PM Bug #278: Install production o=LTER LDAP Server
Passwords synchronized between Personnel database and ldap server. About 700 people in the LTER
database did not hav...
David Blankman


09:35 AM Bug #398: error in handling '&' in response to queries
fixed by adding a 'normalize' method to MetaCatUtil and calling that every time data is added to the triples in the r... Chad Berkley
08:49 PM Bug #398 (Resolved): error in handling '&' in response to queries
There appears to be a problem in how Metacat handles entities like '&' in
responding to queries. If a data file name...
Dan Higgins


12:36 PM Bug #325: create site filters to convert site metadata to eml packages
Attended Data Junction workshop in mid December to evaluate Data Junction as an option for
parsing structured & semi...
David Blankman


10:09 AM Bug #328: ldap referrals crash system when one referree is down
fixed this bug by changing the referral type to 'throw' and catching the referral exception then handling the Nameing... Chad Berkley

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