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create site filters to convert site metadata to eml packages

Added by Matt Jones over 22 years ago. Updated over 19 years ago.

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Site specific metadata/data formats need to be converted into EML packages and
transferred via the harvester API to metacat. See visio diagram for design ideas.

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Actions #1

Updated by David Blankman over 22 years ago

Attended Data Junction workshop in mid December to evaluate Data Junction as an option for
parsing structured & semi-structured legacy (ascii)site metadata in order to harvest into

Worked with some of the sites with legacy metadata at workshop in Phoenix (Jan 7-9) as
part of Data Junction evaluation process.

Currently in process of doing actual conversion
of site metadata for the North Temperate Lakes metadata. Conversion will be both to eml and to NTL
oracle database.

Actions #2

Updated by Matt Jones over 22 years ago

Moved issues that we do not intend to address during the current release to the
'Postpone' milestone.

Actions #3

Updated by David Blankman over 21 years ago

Have done some sample conversions from semi-structured text metadata (document
fragments) into eml-beta9. Was waiting until it became clear that no significant
changes would be made until I started to refine the process. I am currently
starting this process.

Actions #4

Updated by David Blankman over 21 years ago

One complete conversion. Have developed basic mapping. Because of lack of
completeness of exisitng metadata at the attribute level, there is a fair
amount of manual work that needs to be done.

Actions #5

Updated by Matt Jones over 19 years ago

Duane -- could you deal with this by either closing it if it is eing tracked
elsewhere or updating it with a plan. Thanks.

Actions #6

Updated by Duane Costa over 19 years ago

A number of metadata conversion applications were implemented by David
Blankman, with the help of two graduate students, to help sites convert their
native metadata to EML. One application was successfully used at the Hubbard
Brook (HBR) site. A second is expected to be deployed soon at the Arctic (ARC)
site. Several other applications have neared completion but have not yet been
deployed at the sites.

Mark Servilla, lead scientist for Network Information Systems (NIS) at the
LTER Network Office, is analyzing the results of a recent LTER site survey and
has provided his assessment to the NIS Advisory Committee so that the
committee can determine the appropriate level of effort to place in the
continued develop and maintenance of these applications. Since the time that
these conversion applications were originally conceived, many of the sites
have moved forward on their own and in some cases they no longer need such an

Since this bug is local to LTER and not directly related to Metacat
development, I will close it. The work will be tracked internally in the
Request Tracker system at the Network Office (

Actions #7

Updated by Redmine Admin about 11 years ago

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