From 06/09/2004 to 07/08/2004


10:45 AM Revision 2203 (metacat): Add diagnostic output
Duane Costa


04:50 PM Revision 2188 (metacat): Get rid of some useless code.
Jing Tao


10:12 AM Bug #162: need harvest/batch load for metacat
Update on Work Remaining:
(17) SQL Scripts
Still need testing on PostgreSQL and SQL Server.
(19) Harvest List Edit...
Duane Costa


03:26 PM Revision 2187 (metacat): Improve handling of default values.
Call fileNew() if no default Harvest List file is specified.
Improve documentation for default properties.
Duane Costa
02:26 PM Bug #1127: marine web site enhancements
this project is no longer active Chad Berkley
08:59 AM Revision 2186 (metacat): Scripts for running the Harvest List Editor
Duane Costa
08:56 AM Revision 2185 (metacat): Add documentation for the Harvest List Editor.
Display the Harvester Registration web form as a HTML table instead of as text. Duane Costa


04:38 PM Bug #1601 (Resolved): Metacat will add default value for optional parameter into eml 2 document
When user upload a eml2 document into metacat, metacat will automatically add
some default value to optional parmate...
Jing Tao


03:19 PM Revision 2184 (metacat): Fixed schema loading scripts to use the new ant token for the EML2 namespace.
Matt Jones


01:32 PM Revision 2183 (metacat): Added utilities module dependency to the instructions.
Matt Jones
01:27 PM Revision 2182 (metacat): New instructions, particularly regarding some of the problems I had on
postgres remembering how to set up the user access control and tcp connections. Matt Jones

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