From 12/21/2005 to 01/19/2006


02:39 PM Revision 2895 (metacat): fixed the height of the search box on the knb skin
02:37 PM Revision 2894 (metacat): variable for showing instructions
02:35 PM Revision 2893 (metacat): Making changes for passing the params to the xsl for skins.
12:06 PM Revision 2892 (metacat): Remove CR characters from end of line. Formatting changes only, no functional changes.
Duane Costa
11:55 AM Bug #2311: modify stylesheets to display citation format
Changed the xsl sheets to optionally display lsid's. Additional parameters needed by the stylesheets are
Will Tyburczy
11:43 AM Bug #2175: Metacat Performace: Upgrading hardware setup

The new setup should have TLS between metacat and ldap. If there is a problem
in that, then bug#468 should be reope...
Saurabh Garg
11:24 AM Bug #2175: Metacat Performace: Upgrading hardware setup

Retargeting this for release 1.7 as this is not related 1.6 release and colby
is in the middle of doing all the cha...
Saurabh Garg
11:40 AM Bug #468: TLS between ldap server and metacat

Closing the bug. I was able to run TLS (see my last comment)
Making a note in bug# 2175 for this bug as the new set...
Saurabh Garg
11:34 AM Bug #2157: Metacat Performance: Optimize Postgres and Tomcat...

John made these changes on the new knb.msi machine.
But I am retargeting this to 1.7 instead of closing the bug, s...
Saurabh Garg
11:28 AM Bug #2317: modify ldapweb.cgi to restrict account creation

Fixed in CVS. Have to update ldap on ecoinfo. Closing the bug.
Saurabh Garg
11:16 AM Bug #2312: finalize header graphic for ESA registry
This task is finished. Callie Bowdish
11:13 AM Bug #2176: Moderator UI and functionality for ESA

Moderator UI and functionality for ESA has been implemented. Waiting for
feedback from ESA and next round of change...
Saurabh Garg


11:50 AM Revision 2891 (metacat): Modified the lsid code to lookup document type-appropriate stylesheets from
the lsid prooperties file. harris


03:22 PM Revision 2890 (metacat): PMARK: decreased overall width
PMARK: fixed docid bug; needed to use review doc instead of orig doc
PMARK: minor formatting fix


01:40 PM Revision 2889 (metacat): Fix in Javascript to set the stage correctly
05:53 PM Revision 2888 (metacat): Implemented a fixed height review list that is populated via AJAX. Works great in FF/Win and IE/Win. You can see a test version with dummy data at: anderson
05:42 PM Revision 2887 (metacat): Adding review resources.

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