From 04/02/2006 to 05/01/2006


11:20 AM Revision 2995 (metacat): Two changes to Metacat Harvester implementation:
(1) Removed call to deprecated Thread.stop() method. Added boolean class variable, Harvester.keepRunning. When the th... Duane Costa


03:37 PM Revision 2994 (metacat): added function to get list of projects for NCEAS from a given project list


04:11 PM Revision 2993 (metacat): Add info for deploy ecogrid.
Jing Tao


09:17 AM Revision 2992 (metacat): fixed bugs in teh client that were preventing the lsid service from working right
08:34 AM Revision 2991 (metacat): altered build file to reflect the non-existence of build_new.xml in the ecogrid


02:08 PM Revision 2990 (metacat): modified the client so it will work consistently with the web service


02:59 PM Revision 2989 (metacat): updated the client so it throws a DocumentNotFoundException if you attempt to read a docuemnt that doesn't exist
10:54 AM Revision 2988 (metacat): fix to the earlier commit. the code was dependent on 1.5. this one isnt
10:35 AM Revision 2987 (metacat): fix to the generateDocid() function so that the docid generated always is bigger than the earlier one.


04:39 PM Revision 2986 (metacat): Missed a period.
Matt Jones
04:37 PM Revision 2985 (metacat): Patch to make the getLastDocid function actually work on the text node.
Matt Jones
03:51 PM Revision 2984 (metacat): Patch for making getlastdocid work when the identifier is a large number
greater than can be encompassed by an int. Now it uses a long to
represent the number, which doesn't solve the probl...
Matt Jones
02:34 PM Revision 2983 (metacat): Added ref to the FGDC schema that I forgot to check in earlier.
Matt Jones
02:28 PM Revision 2982 (metacat): Fixed typos in the build that were preventing the tests from running.
Matt Jones
02:08 PM Revision 2981 (metacat): Added new function getLastDocid to the metacat client so that it is
accessible to clients that need it. Matt Jones
10:59 AM Bug #2418 (Resolved): New docid functions
Users need to be able to ask metacat what the latest revision number for a document is. We currently have the getLas... Chad Berkley
10:56 AM Revision 2980 (metacat): Initial thoughts about modifying the metacat data model and programs to
support full LSID identifiers in the data model. Matt Jones
09:03 AM Revision 2979 (metacat): Fixed bug in LSID resolver (axis test page was preventing delivery of
the authority WSDL file, and so I renamed the index.jsp file to axis.jsp
to get it out of the way).
Matt Jones


03:57 PM Revision 2978 (metacat): Add code to handle server-config.wsdd. it is necessary to run "ant deploy-ecogrid"
Jing Tao


02:44 PM Revision 2977 (metacat): Add more properties will be parsed to ecogrid.
Jing Tao


12:14 PM Revision 2976 (metacat): Test checkin
03:54 AM Revision 2975 (metacat): Trying a chnage to the README to test CVS commit access.
Matt Jones
03:04 AM Revision 2974 (metacat): Some changes to the build to make it easier to install the servlet under SSL
using https as the protocol, and also to allow ldapweb.cgi to be installed
standalone without an accompanying metacat...
Matt Jones
02:49 AM Revision 2973 (metacat): Modified the title if using the new account skin.
Matt Jones
02:48 AM Revision 2972 (metacat): dded TLS support to the ldapweb.cgi script, cleaned up some TempToolkit
template processing so that the results display CSS properly, and some minor
formatting issues. The TLS support shou...
Matt Jones
02:01 AM Revision 2971 (metacat): New skin files for handling account management.
Matt Jones

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