From 05/07/2006 to 06/05/2006


05:29 PM Bug #1691: Metacat client library: use direct method calles for efficiency
This should be im[plemented by refactoring MetacatServlet to use the client library. All public interface methods sh... Matt Jones
05:25 PM Bug #421: create simple turnkey installer for metacat Phase II
Moving this to higher priority. We want a turnkey installer that makes it very simple to install metacat and all of ... Matt Jones


12:52 PM Revision 3000 (metacat): Omit the html, head, title, and body tags from the advanced search results jsp. These tags are generated in the resultset.xml stylesheet, so they are redundant here.
Duane Costa


10:56 AM Revision 2999 (metacat): added message explaining procedure to obtain organization-affiliated accounts


09:46 AM Bug #2437 (Resolved): Cleaner install for spatial components
Make geoserver install possible from metacat build file and easier integration into the skins. Saurabh Garg
09:43 AM Bug #468: TLS between ldap server and metacat

Have to modify current code in and integrate new code from Matt into AuthLdap.
Saurabh Garg
09:28 AM Bug #2371: Replication problem with links with '&'

The bug is fixed in code. The KNB and LTER databases need to be fixed now so that they have the correct versions of ...
Saurabh Garg


03:44 PM Revision 2998 (metacat): Add new index elements for ecogrid registry in order to improve search speed.
Jing Tao


01:46 PM Revision 2997 (metacat): Fix for bug# 2371
01:09 PM Revision 2996 (metacat): Modified code so that database is queried just once when a document is read. Currently the read is being done in the constructor and then again in
the function. sgarg

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