From 05/16/2006 to 06/14/2006


08:44 AM Revision 3011 (metacat): Add qformat parameter in call to executeAdvancedSearch() method.
Refactor code to get the relative paths of the resultset XSL and search results JSP from the MetacatHelper class rath... Duane Costa
08:42 AM Revision 3010 (metacat): Change relative path to the login page.
Duane Costa
08:41 AM Revision 3009 (metacat): Add new methods getResultsetXSL and getResultsJSP.
Duane Costa
08:35 AM Revision 3008 (metacat): Add qformat parameter to runQuery() and executeAdvancedSearch() methods.
Omit unused StringTokenizer objects. Duane Costa
08:32 AM Revision 3007 (metacat): Add qformat parameter to resultsetToHTML() method. Set the qformat paramater in the transformer if it is specified.
Duane Costa
08:31 AM Revision 3006 (metacat): Add serialVersionUID class variable to eliminate Eclipse warnings.
Duane Costa
08:26 AM Revision 3005 (metacat): Major upgrade of lter skin. The skin now integrates the functionality of the advanced query web application (previously a separate web app) directly into the skin.
Duane Costa


01:09 PM Revision 3004 (metacat): Allow admin to update any document


11:09 AM Revision 3003 (metacat): check for nullpointerexception


04:11 PM Revision 3002 (metacat): Fix for a bug in MetacatServlet. Metacat assumed that it is supposed to get the schema information from the second line of the document. This is based
on the assumption that xml decleration will always be present. This is good practice but not required. Hence the fix ... sgarg


10:23 AM Revision 3001 (metacat): Add some new fields into index element properties which david asked.
Jing Tao


05:29 PM Bug #1691: Metacat client library: use direct method calles for efficiency
This should be im[plemented by refactoring MetacatServlet to use the client library. All public interface methods sh... Matt Jones
05:25 PM Bug #421: create simple turnkey installer for metacat Phase II
Moving this to higher priority. We want a turnkey installer that makes it very simple to install metacat and all of ... Matt Jones


12:52 PM Revision 3000 (metacat): Omit the html, head, title, and body tags from the advanced search results jsp. These tags are generated in the resultset.xml stylesheet, so they are redundant here.
Duane Costa


10:56 AM Revision 2999 (metacat): added message explaining procedure to obtain organization-affiliated accounts


09:46 AM Bug #2437 (Resolved): Cleaner install for spatial components
Make geoserver install possible from metacat build file and easier integration into the skins. Saurabh Garg
09:43 AM Bug #468: TLS between ldap server and metacat

Have to modify current code in and integrate new code from Matt into AuthLdap.
Saurabh Garg
09:28 AM Bug #2371: Replication problem with links with '&'

The bug is fixed in code. The KNB and LTER databases need to be fixed now so that they have the correct versions of ...
Saurabh Garg

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