From 05/23/2006 to 06/21/2006


03:52 PM Bug #2466: knb skin does not auto-stretch correctly on IE
The problem seems to be stemming from having a percent value instead of a pixel value for the padding-left attribute ... Will Tyburczy
10:33 AM Bug #2466 (Resolved): knb skin does not auto-stretch correctly on IE
Internet Explorer does not auto-stretch correctly using the knb skin.
Callie Bowdish
11:01 AM Bug #2467 (Resolved): IE auto-stretch does not display correctly with eml-2.0.0 data packages
Data Packages created with eml.2.0.0 do not display correcly when using the ESA, KNB, NRS, OBFS and NCEAS skins on In... Callie Bowdish


05:29 PM Bug #1691: Metacat client library: use direct method calles for efficiency
This should be im[plemented by refactoring MetacatServlet to use the client library. All public interface methods sh... Matt Jones
05:25 PM Bug #421: create simple turnkey installer for metacat Phase II
Moving this to higher priority. We want a turnkey installer that makes it very simple to install metacat and all of ... Matt Jones

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