From 06/22/2006 to 07/21/2006


10:36 AM Bug #2496 (Closed): Wrong values indexed when empty tags are indexed
The indexing code fails when the xml document has empty tags. Example of this is knb-lter-sbc.13 There is an empty p... Saurabh Garg


03:40 PM Revision 3025 (metacat): updated README with changes for the current day.
03:31 PM Bug #2495 (Resolved): Charset bug: Internationalization
Metacat should be modified in such a way that it can handle characters from other languages also.
Mr. Chau Chin L...
Saurabh Garg
03:20 PM Bug #2080: Admin should be able to modify a document

This is fixed.
Saurabh Garg
03:00 PM Revision 3024 (metacat): added exception handler for normalize function. if StringIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown then it is reported and nodedata value is forwarded without normalization.
08:56 AM Revision 3023 (metacat): Cleaned up the code with proper debug statements..


11:23 AM Revision 3022 (metacat): Replaced getIdentifyingName and ldapAuthenticate with new code. ldapAuthenticate will first try to form a secure connection. If the secure connection fails then based on the value specified
in, an insecure connection will be made. authenticate() function first tries to connect using the ... sgarg
11:10 AM Revision 3021 (metacat): Added variables to specify whether only secure ldap connections should be allowed for aunthentication.


10:21 AM Revision 3020 (metacat): Added list of changes which are made for the 1.6 release


01:04 PM Revision 3019 (metacat): Update to reflect newer versions of ant, java sdk and postgres


03:42 PM Bug #2467: IE auto-stretch does not display correctly with eml-2.0.0 data packages

eml-2.0.1 stylesheets will be used for displaying eml-2.0.0 namespace documents.
Saurabh Garg
03:41 PM Revision 3018 (metacat): removed the code which copies eml-2.0.09 stylesheets
01:31 PM Revision 3017 (metacat): Remove CR characters that were accidentally added with last commit.
Duane Costa
11:04 AM Revision 3016 (metacat): Modified the sql commands such that eml-2.0.1 stylesheets are used for displaying eml-2.0.0 documents
08:55 AM Bug #2377: No Default Namespace in Records
Sorry, I meant to close this out. I looked up the XSD specs and the "elementFormDefault" attribute, and I found a wo... David Sledge
07:39 AM Bug #2377: No Default Namespace in Records

David, can you show an example where this is the case. If the EML doesnt have namespace specified then the namespace...
Saurabh Garg
08:51 AM Bug #2466: knb skin does not auto-stretch correctly on IE
The above change seems to have fixed the problem. Closing bug. Will Tyburczy
08:24 AM Bug #2371: Replication problem with links with '&'

Closing the bug.
Saurabh Garg
08:23 AM Bug #2371: Replication problem with links with '&'

This bug is fixed. All the GCE documents in KNB database are fixed also. Closing the bug.
Saurabh Garg
07:56 AM Bug #2437: Cleaner install for spatial components

Matthew is working on this. Reassigning the bug to him and retargeting the bug to 1.7
Saurabh Garg
07:45 AM Bug #2313: Metacat Skins: Skins should not be installed by default

Moving this *bug* to 1.7.
Saurabh Garg
07:44 AM Bug #2313: Metacat Skins: Skins should not be installed by default

Moving this target to 1.7
Saurabh Garg


03:15 PM Bug #2469 (Resolved): DocumentImpl.buildIndex() does not index XPaths with attributes correctly
A 1.6.x metacat installation that indexes paths from the xml_nodes table into the xml_path_index table sets the xml_p... Chris Jones

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