From 01/20/2007 to 02/18/2007


02:59 PM Revision 3182 (metacat): One more patch for bug 2469:
Although the correct parentid values were being indexed in xml_path_index
for leaf node xpaths, they were still incor...
Chris Jones
10:55 AM Revision 3181 (metacat): As a continued fix for,
I've fixed the indexing implementation in both buildIndex() and
traverseParents(). Duane pointed out that the incorr...
Chris Jones


09:29 AM Revision 3180 (metacat): Can't get results displayed correctly due to a limitation in metacat (bug 2769 in


01:29 PM Revision 3179 (metacat): Tweek
08:46 AM Revision 3178 (metacat): Kepler Repository Skin


05:22 PM Revision 3177 (metacat): Replace die statement in the script
Jing Tao
04:57 PM Revision 3176 (metacat): Changed the contacting information.
Jing Tao


01:24 PM Revision 3175 (metacat): Change the behavior if the ldap server is down. Now main server is down, a html will be sent back. If it is referral, it will ignore it.
Jing Tao
01:23 PM Revision 3174 (metacat): Add token for ldap server down template.
Jing Tao
01:22 PM Revision 3173 (metacat): Add a new template for show the message ldap server is down.
Jing Tao


03:50 PM Revision 3172 (metacat): Add new method to keep inserting spatial data.
Jing Tao
03:49 PM Revision 3171 (metacat): Add a test eml file which contains spatial data.
Jing Tao
01:55 PM Revision 3170 (metacat): Fixed exception handler
09:42 AM Revision 3169 (metacat): Removed the debugMessage method which was removed from MetacatUtil class.
Jing Tao


04:48 PM Revision 3168 (metacat): Fixed bug that eml 200 pointed eml201 schema.
Jing Tao


08:11 PM Revision 3167 (metacat): add "date" command to count time
Jing Tao
02:18 PM Revision 3166 (metacat): Remove the file to bin dir.
Jing Tao
02:18 PM Revision 3165 (metacat): Move the file from lib to this bin dir. This file will build index for given docid.
Jing Tao


03:33 PM Revision 3164 (metacat): Add a troubleshooting to handle X11 windows issue after restart tomcat.
Jing Tao
01:52 PM Revision 3163 (metacat): Fixed bug the logurl is invalid
Jing Tao
11:46 AM Revision 3162 (metacat): Fixed a bug that the metacat url will still read from parameter 1
Jing Tao


07:16 PM Revision 3161 (metacat): As a fix to, I'm applying
the patch sent to me from Mike Frenock when he reported this bug.
This patch changes MetaCatServlet.handleUploadActi...
Chris Jones
05:05 PM Revision 3160 (metacat): Add the option in wget and get cookie work.
Jing Tao
04:09 PM Revision 3159 (metacat): updated stylesheet for kepler skins to display documentation uploaded from kepler


05:15 PM Revision 3158 (metacat): Add a script to build index of given docid.
Jing Tao


10:35 PM Revision 3157 (metacat): This is just a code cleanup patch that re-aligns some indentations and removes
some debugging code. Chris Jones
10:27 PM Revision 3156 (metacat): As a partial fix to,
I've modified AuthLdap.getGroups() and removed the code that handles LDAP
referral connect and search timeout issues ...
Chris Jones
10:00 PM Revision 3155 (metacat): As a partial fix to,
I'm applying 3 patches to that simplify the code that addresses
timeout issues when connecting and sear...
Chris Jones
01:36 PM Revision 3154 (metacat): As part of a fix for,
I'm adding a few configuration parameters to
1) ldapconnecttimelimit limits the time in millisec...
Chris Jones
10:17 AM Revision 3153 (metacat): Added note to README regarding buildIndex fixes in bug 2469
Matt Jones
09:41 AM Revision 3152 (metacat): Fixed the implementation of the buildIndex function which was not
working for new document insertions. A previous fix in updatePathIndex
for ATTRIBUTE data inadvertantly caused a for...
Matt Jones


01:15 AM Revision 3151 (metacat): Added additional organizations to the login dropdown list for the
Kruger skin. Matt Jones

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