From 04/13/2010 to 05/12/2010


03:03 PM Bug #4843: ESA registry: Remove 'station' default value from Organization Name
On second thought, I'll take this one step further.
It doesn't make sense for Organization Name to appear as a field...
Jim Regetz
01:29 PM Bug #5007 (New): ESA registry: Logout link appears even when not logged in
Even when I'm not logged in, I see the Logout link rather than the expected Login link in the top menu at http://data... Jim Regetz
12:31 PM Bug #4904: NCEAS Projects list is missing from registry form dropdown
Yes, it is point 3 under Common Problems and Issues on the KNB maintenance page: Matt Jones
12:13 PM Bug #4904: NCEAS Projects list is missing from registry form dropdown
Daigle fixed this (I think by adding the admindb password?), but I'm not sure if this step got added to the config no... Jim Regetz
08:52 AM Bug #4842: ESA moderators should receive email notification of document revisions
Mike Daigle added this, and it is working as expected. Jim Regetz


03:24 AM Bug #3835: design and implement OAI-PMH compliant harvest subsystem
I would be curious to hear what is the status of these developments now? We are very much looking for them.
My view ...
Hannu Saarenmaa


01:27 PM Bug #4907: Replication error stops insert/update of valid EML document
It took a few days to realize what was going on here, but now we think we see the issue. The document's "home server"... Duane Costa

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