From 02/22/2011 to 03/23/2011


08:00 PM Bug #2084: Pathquery support for temporal search on date fields
I agree that DatatypeConverter.parseDateTime(String) is a great way to go, ans supporting as much of the ISO 8601 as ... Matt Jones
04:50 PM Bug #2084: Pathquery support for temporal search on date fields
I'd like to expand the date formats we can accept to include all valid xs:dateTime formats (ISO 8601). I found I coul... ben leinfelder
03:39 PM Revision 6019 (metacat): rollback the accessDAO changes - leaving well enough alone.
ben leinfelder
02:14 PM Revision 6018 (metacat): only include accessfileid when it is not toplevel
ben leinfelder
01:31 PM Revision 6017 (metacat): include accessfileid and subtreeid when inserting xml_access values
ben leinfelder
12:51 PM Revision 6016 (metacat): use access control dao for setting access in EML parser. send additional xml_access info in replication request
ben leinfelder


05:19 PM Revision 6015 (metacat): insert/update documents with null user and null group to circumvent access control restrictions then update the user_owner and user_updated values to reflect what exists on the originating server (pisco)
ben leinfelder
01:24 PM Revision 6014 (metacat): use 'user_updated' field when writing the replicated document - allows most recent ownership/permissions to be used (in case LDAP groups have shifted) and is more accurate for both updates and initial inserts (hopefully addresses the replication issue we are having with pisco)
ben leinfelder


03:55 PM Bug #5353: EcogridWriter doesn't work with the metacat built from trunk.
Probably due to EcoGrid entry path not being the same as others, and so parameters missing in DataONE system metadata... Matt Jones
03:20 PM Bug #5353 (Resolved): EcogridWriter doesn't work with the metacat built from trunk.
When I used EcogridWriter to write metadata and data into dev.nceas' metadata, it worked file. I believe the version ... Jing Tao


09:02 AM Revision 6013 (metacat): use newer ecogrid tag to allow omission of the ecogrid query title (as is allowed in the query.xsd schema)
ben leinfelder


10:56 PM Revision 6012 (metacat): add support for temporal element query in pathquery ben leinfelder
10:55 PM Bug #2084: Pathquery support for temporal search on date fields
Added nodedatadate column to the following tables: xml_nodes, xml_nodes_revisions, xml_path_index.
Included DB update...
ben leinfelder


07:21 AM Revision 6011 (metacat): add otherEntity physical elements to indexPaths (ndp)
ben leinfelder


03:23 PM Revision 6010 (metacat): replace derik's settings with previous version
ben leinfelder
03:14 PM Revision 6009 (metacat): add paths to indexPaths, and kar namespaces to indexNamespaces for Kepler Workflow Run Manager run-kar queries
02:52 PM Revision 6008 (metacat): include simple union data for search results if they are present in the resultset document
ben leinfelder
09:56 AM Revision 6007 (metacat): include temporal coverage dates in the path index - (for opendap metadata queries)
ben leinfelder


08:15 AM Revision 6006 (metacat): Fixed the testNCEASLogin() password that I mistakenly changed.
Chris Jones
07:47 AM Revision 6005 (metacat): Now that MetacatHandler creates GUID identifier mappings and system metadata, many of the tests in IdentifierManagerTest were failing that were manually creating id mappings and system metadata.
Modified testCreateMapping() and testCreateSystemMetadataMapping() to use docids that haven't been inserted to just e... Chris Jones


04:44 PM Revision 6004 (metacat): Added a new test method testDeleteDocumentByGUID() to ensure MetacatHandler can delete based on GUID, but fall back to docid if the GUID isn't present. Modified CrudServiceTest and made some private methods public to leverage the D1 REST calls in that library (i.e. create() a doc with a GUID).
Chris Jones
02:47 PM Revision 6003 (metacat): The DataONE service API jar has been renamed to d1_common_java-0.5.0.jar, updated the build file accordingly. Added debug echo of the test classpath.
Chris Jones
02:14 PM Revision 6002 (metacat): hide the data section unless there is actually data to display
ben leinfelder
02:12 PM Revision 6001 (metacat): DocumentImpl.delete() now throws finer grained exceptions (not a general exception). Consequently, the classes that call it have been updated to handle the thrown exceptions, including CrudService, ReplicationHandler, and ReplicationService.
Chris Jones
10:39 AM Revision 6000 (metacat): refactor the names of these Data Manager implementation classes so that it's easier to use them with the default/local versions of similar. These classes utilize Metacat-specific configuration values rather than relying soley on the bundles that are used in the stand-alone DM lib.
ben leinfelder


02:00 PM Revision 5999 (metacat): render the <data/> CDATA section in <pre/> - it's a csv string
ben leinfelder
09:13 AM Revision 5998 (metacat): To support GUIDs in MetacatHandler.handleDeleteAction(), I've added in a new method:
deleteFromMetacat() - deletes a document based on the docid
This factors the deletion code out of handleDeleteAction(...
Chris Jones


02:42 PM Revision 5997 (metacat): only include data value/operator when present in the form
ben leinfelder
02:42 PM Revision 5996 (metacat): refresh search when the data operator changes (changing the value is less clear...keyup event seems too eager)
ben leinfelder
11:57 AM Revision 5995 (metacat): use correct operators
ben leinfelder


12:01 PM Revision 5993 (metacat): include data search - new form fields and semQuery schema to allow searching for Characteristics data
ben leinfelder


09:46 AM Bug #5316: Interactive map doesn't work with firefox
This is a known issue with the old MapBuilder interface used to render the spatial layers in Metacat 1.9.x.
The forth...
ben leinfelder

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