From 04/01/2011 to 04/30/2011


02:17 PM Revision 6056 (metacat): Set svn keywords on the object format list file.
Chris Jones
02:16 PM Revision 6055 (metacat): The initial checkin of an object format list for Metacat, which will be used by the ObjectFormatService. The XML file will be used only if the service can't get the authoritative list from a D1 coordinating node or from within it's local Metacat database.
Chris Jones


03:08 PM Revision 6054 (metacat): remove very old "metacat webservice" code - as far as i can tell it is never referenced or used. plus we have eocgrid and the new D1 rest services covering this territory now
ben leinfelder
02:31 PM Revision 6053 (metacat): remove very old "metacat webservice" code - as far as i can tell it is never referenced or used. plus we have eocgrid and the new D1 rest services covering this territory now
ben leinfelder
01:53 PM Revision 6052 (metacat): removed newline addition to test doc now that the newline problem is fixed in utilities project. Small adjustments to comments and debug statements to aid in debugging. Reordered tests to remove possible insertion between read and getLastDocid test.
01:05 PM Revision 6051 (metacat): zero padded date string in DocumentUtil.generateDocumentId() for readability


08:22 AM Revision 6050 (metacat): Use SystemUtil.getContextURL() in ResourceHandler to construct the DataONE service URL (rather than direct calls to PropertyService). This handles http and https URLs, and strips the :80 or :443 for the well known ports.
Chris Jones


04:16 PM Revision 6049 (metacat): Make this class be the subclass of the MCTestCase. The super class will initialize the property service for it.
Jing Tao
03:25 PM Revision 6048 (metacat): Minor changes to MetacatHandler:
- Improved logging where MetaCatServlet.class was used in getLogger() rather than MetacatHandler.class (holdover from... Chris Jones
02:28 PM Revision 6047 (metacat): commenting out the pisco user tests, since they only work in production.
02:24 PM Revision 6046 (metacat): put in more explanatory exception methods in the private helper functions that throw exceptions, and some debug statements in the onlineData201CasesTest_1 test.
11:08 AM Revision 6045 (metacat): improved multipart handling (improved logging messages, code, and error checking). Added exception classname to error output when the generic Exception is thrown. Added error check for cases of null value for file parts 'sysmeta' and 'object.'
10:58 AM Revision 6044 (metacat): added a few debugging lines in createSystemMetadata() related to contents of identifier strings


07:00 PM Revision 6043 (metacat): Due to changes in MetacatHandler that creates system metadata from uploaded EML documents, OnlineDataAccessTest was failing certain tests because of errors in how the test documents were originally uploaded. MetacatHandler.createSystemMetadata() was throwing exceptions because of these errors, specifically when a data document is uploaded with a docid that is difeerent than the docid statement in the EML distribution URL. Most errors involved stated docids with .2 versions, and the metadata had .1 versions.
Modified each test in OnlineDataAccessTest that had incorrect metadata from the declared docids. Lastly, onlineData20... Chris Jones
05:42 PM Revision 6042 (metacat): Modified IdentifierManager.getDocumentInfo() to include the docid in the returned hash map, since it is useful to be able to obtain the docid and rev separately from a given fullDocidWithRev (e.g. test.1.1).
Chris Jones


01:44 PM Revision 6041 (metacat): fixing annoying error message inaccuracy


05:13 PM Revision 6040 (metacat): Cleaned up imports.
Matt Jones
05:10 PM Revision 6039 (metacat): Updated D1 libraries to head to eliminate problems with date parsing -- added
Joda jar to support date parsing. Removed hardcoded DN from test file. Now
CrudServiceTest is passing again.
Matt Jones
03:41 AM Revision 6038 (metacat): Remove hardcoded LDAP usernames from testing so that MetaCatServletNetTest will work even using alternate
LDAP servers. Matt Jones
03:07 AM Revision 6037 (metacat): Changed AuthLDAP to deal with cases where getAttributes encounters non-string
attributes (which used to cause a ClassCastException). Now, if an attribute
value can not be cast to string, we catc...
Matt Jones


08:03 PM Revision 6036 (metacat): MOdified MetacatHandler to catch cases where ObjectFormat is not being set properly on data files when
generating SystemMetadata. When the EML document contains a format for an entity that maps to a null
type in ObjectF...
Matt Jones


05:46 PM Revision 6035 (metacat): allow "docid override" queries to include the results of a "normal" query - if the operator is left null, it acts as the usual override, otherwise UNION and INTERSECT modes can be used to either augment or refine the results.
this is for incorporating semantic+spatial+keyword queries into one query operation/result ben leinfelder


10:22 AM Revision 6034 (metacat): remove System.out statements in favor of logging
ben leinfelder
08:56 AM Revision 6033 (metacat): Removed hardcoded D1 node type in ResourceHandler and added in a new 'dataone.nodeType' property. Also added 'dataone.coordinatingNodeBaseURL' property which points to the CN that stores the authoritative object format list. If this instance of Metacat is a CN, it may point to itself.
Chris Jones
08:28 AM Revision 6032 (metacat): ResourceHandler in Metacat was set to return the KNB site URL as the MN base URL rather than the node Id. Fixed.
Chris Jones


03:17 PM Revision 6031 (metacat): initialize the HandlerPluginManager
ben leinfelder
03:16 PM Revision 6030 (metacat): allow the addition of properties via code
ben leinfelder


11:39 AM Bug #2084: Pathquery support for temporal search on date fields
this is now in trunk and includes a utility method that runs during DB upgrade.
running it on dev I ran into OutOfMe...
ben leinfelder


05:00 PM Revision 6029 (metacat): add event notification for insert/update/delete on documents (for semtools plugin)
ben leinfelder
10:32 AM Revision 6028 (metacat): move semtools skin to the semtools project - build into the war when adding the semtools plugin to metacat
ben leinfelder

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