From 08/09/2012 to 09/07/2012


09:21 AM Revision 7374 (metacat): use RELEASE_EML_UTILS_1_0_4_RC1 for EML stylesheets
ben leinfelder
10:24 PM Revision 7373 (metacat): include qformat parameter in docs for squery
remove mention of 'username' for getLastDocid -- should only use scope param ben leinfelder


02:13 PM Revision 7372 (metacat): include missing identifier mappings during 2.0.4 upgrade (mappings may be missing due to previous replication between servers that do not house SystemMetadata)
ben leinfelder
10:00 AM Bug #5616: See bug #5615 for EML
reordering of download links has been included in Metacat release (building from RELEASE_EML_UTILS_1_0_3 eml styleshe... ben leinfelder
09:52 AM Bug #2084: Pathquery support for temporal search on date fields
Unfortunately, those values are "schema valid"
(In reply to comment #9)
> Invalid dates are allowed into Metacat 2.0...
ben leinfelder


03:43 PM Revision 7370 (metacat): use SchemaLocationResolver to fetch remote entries for the xml_catalog -- we want to be able to fetch included xsd files as well as use any error handling it provides for checking the schemas.
ben leinfelder
08:43 AM Bug #5696: pathQuery returns eml docs which have no public access granted
Metacat v2.0.4 will include a fix for this issue. ben leinfelder
09:05 PM Revision 7369 (metacat): prep for 2.0.4 release
ben leinfelder


01:50 PM Revision 7368 (metacat): when performing query, make sure we are using the access rules of the latest revision of a given docid, otherwise we may include documents that used to be public but have been made private in subsequent revisions. ben leinfelder
11:20 AM Bug #5696: pathQuery returns eml docs which have no public access granted
I've recreated the scenario on my local Metacat installation -- it appears the permissions for the older revision are... ben leinfelder


03:05 PM Revision 7367 (metacat): correct the number of prepared statement parameters when inserting to xml_revisions table.
Errors like the following were showing in the replication log file:
knb 20120831-19:42:38: [ERROR]: DocumentImpl.writ...
ben leinfelder
10:22 AM Bug #5676: Metacarta Labs WMS layer is not loading
Service seems to be back up now. ben leinfelder


03:45 PM Bug #5698: datapackage uploads to dev2 metacat are currently slow
We should check the xml_catalog table for entries that point to defunct servers...This was the case on production KNB... ben leinfelder


07:43 PM Bug #5698 (New): datapackage uploads to dev2 metacat are currently slow
When using the sensor-view archiveDataturbineDataToMetacat.kar to archive data from my laptop at ucsb to dev2's metac... Derik Barseghian


12:06 PM Bug #5696 (Resolved): pathQuery returns eml docs which have no public access granted
As far as I remember, non-public eml docs did not used to be returned in pathQuery result sets in earlier versions of... gastil gastil
08:24 AM Revision 7366 (metacat): include WHERE in the sql where clause - encountered by SAEON's node admin, Alex Niehaus.
ben leinfelder
10:41 PM Revision 7365 (metacat): use resourceMapLocation (resolve url for the ore map) as the datacite_relatedIdentifier_isPartOf property
ben leinfelder
10:38 PM Revision 7364 (metacat): use lowercase 'metadata' and 'data' for the resourceType
ben leinfelder
10:36 PM Revision 7363 (metacat): set publisher to the source system when publisher == creator (we want them to be different, even if just for appearances)
ben leinfelder
10:25 PM Revision 7362 (metacat): only include public (readable) DOIs in the final output
ben leinfelder
10:24 PM Revision 7361 (metacat): use "lastname, firstname" convention throughout
ben leinfelder
10:18 PM Revision 7360 (metacat): include more descriptive data file name for title of data records
ben leinfelder
10:04 PM Revision 7359 (metacat): include publisher given name correctly
ben leinfelder
09:45 PM Revision 7358 (metacat): create docid-guid mapping during replication if it does not exist. we were [incorrectly] assuming that there would be SM coming with the document info that would fill this information in, but for traditional non-MN Metacat deployments there is no SM to provide a mapping. In this case we use the docid as the guid.
ben leinfelder


03:03 PM Revision 7357 (metacat): include certificate export SSL options as an example (used heavily for DataONE and Metacat Replication)
ben leinfelder


12:42 PM Revision 7356 (metacat): stream the replication "update" response rather than building up a complete list in a stringbuffer. prompted by findings on t he CN:
ben leinfelder


03:46 PM Revision 7355 (metacat): make sure data objects correctly use force replicate with action "insert" ben leinfelder


11:43 AM Bug #5676 (Resolved): Metacarta Labs WMS layer is not loading
This WMS service seems to be down, as is their entire site. I noticed this a few days ago, but thought it was tempora... ben leinfelder

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