From 10/14/2012 to 11/12/2012


01:25 PM Revision 7425 (metacat): correct the help anchors.
ben leinfelder
11:57 AM Revision 7424 (metacat): use sleeker "?" icon for the admin help links
ben leinfelder
11:28 AM Revision 7423 (metacat): correct the "?" links in the admin pages to the docs pages that are deployed as part of metacat.
ben leinfelder


03:35 PM Revision 7422 (metacat): In migrating to Hazelcast 2.4.x, replace deprecated methods.
Chris Jones
03:34 PM Revision 7421 (metacat): In migrating to Hazelcast 2.4.x, replace deprecated methods. Use Hazelcast.newHazelcastInstance() rather than Hazelcast.init(). For other deprecated static methods, use the HazelcastInstance equivalent calls.
Chris Jones


10:57 AM Revision 7420 (metacat): In CNodeService.updateReplicationMetadata(), we are setting the replicaVerifiedDate() when we update or wholesale add a new replica. However, in setReplicationStatus(), we only do so when there's a new entry. Change setReplicationStatus() to also update the replicaVerifiedDate on updates of existing entries to be more consistent with other changes. This affects node prioritization based on this date timestamp. Thanks to Skye for pointing this out.
Chris Jones
08:56 AM Revision 7419 (metacat): To attempt to address performance and stability WRT Hazelcast communication, we're upgrading to the 2.x series of Hazelcast. remove the 1.9.x jar files, and add the 2.4.1-SNAPSHOT jars. Modify HazelcastService to handle the minor change in the ItemListener interface (now passes ItemEvent<Identifier> as an argument).
Many methods have been deprecated from the Hazelcast class, including init(), and so those changes will be addressed ... Chris Jones


04:27 PM Revision 7418 (metacat): implement query description for pathquery -- only tells callers about the pre-indexed paths we have in Metacat since there are an infinite number of "fields" when storing arbitrary XML, but we really don't want people using non-indexed paths for performance reasons anyway. I've typed all the fields as String, even though some are not just strings and can be used for numeric or data comparisons.
ben leinfelder


02:53 PM Revision 7417 (metacat): Implement MNQuery for "pathquery" engine. Optionally include guid in the pathquery results (
ben leinfelder


09:15 AM Revision 7416 (metacat): update pub_date when the length of that field is != 4 (use date_created in this scenario). There were 2 entries that had "193" as the pub_date.
ben leinfelder


09:03 AM Revision 7415 (metacat): replace new lines in creator with spaces. set blank " " titles and creators to "unknown". use "Baltimore Ecosystem Study LTER" for publisher on all BES objects.
ben leinfelder


06:50 PM Revision 7414 (metacat): include John Kunze's latest suggestions for improved metadata -- a lot of clean-up, especially on characters in the file. Note UTF-8 encoding of the script.
ben leinfelder


11:04 AM Revision 7413 (metacat): include note about pathquery performance fix (when using indexed fields)
ben leinfelder
09:11 AM Revision 7412 (metacat): use ObjectFormatInfo libclient utility to look up mimeType and filename extension during get() calls. Configurable mapping file is deployed by default to /var/metacat/dataone where it can then be augmented as needed. This location is controlled in the file (which is injected into the DataONE Settings values during weapp intitialization). ben leinfelder
09:08 AM Revision 7411 (metacat): add count for the total processed pids (from ISet iterator)
ben leinfelder


01:38 PM Revision 7410 (metacat): handle /object?count=0 queries using simpler (quicker) sql ben leinfelder


10:20 AM Revision 7409 (metacat): allow getlog action to use docid parameters that do not include revision. In these cases, the latest revision will be used.
ben leinfelder
10:05 AM Revision 7408 (metacat): handle case where we do not have a pathexpr to check ben leinfelder


04:40 PM Bug #5696: pathQuery returns eml docs which have no public access granted
I've reworked how access was being checked -- now we have a simpler clause there and the current revision handling is... ben leinfelder
03:14 PM Revision 7407 (metacat): simplify the xml_access query, and instead use guid to check for permission. Now the docid/rev join (to get most recent version for search results) happens "higher up" in the query. ben leinfelder
11:18 AM Revision 7406 (metacat): include log stats for total 'read' events when rendering a package.
ben leinfelder
11:11 AM Revision 7405 (metacat): rework simple log stats so that there is no saxon requirement (xslt 2)
ben leinfelder
11:10 AM Revision 7404 (metacat): pass parameters to the getLog action for rendering in xslt
ben leinfelder


01:50 PM Revision 7403 (metacat): remove morpho.jar -- moved needed classes into shared utilities project. (currently building form utilities trunk -- be sure to 'ant fullclean' to get the latest utilities.jar built)
ben leinfelder


04:41 PM Revision 7402 (metacat): remove use of HttpMessage (in morpho.jar) in favor of standard httpclient methods for calling the servlet in tests
ben leinfelder
02:38 PM Revision 7401 (metacat): Update d1_common_java and d1_libclient_java to the newest jar files. Add methods to CNodeService to throw NotImplemented exceptions for query(), listQueryEngines(), and getQueryEngineDescription() since these API calls are handled outside of metacat.
Chris Jones

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