From 05/25/2014 to 06/23/2014


05:36 PM Feature #6558: Update the Metacat skins with the new CSS used in the EML project
I checked the the SANPARKS and SAEON skins -- they are a little rough with the main content now overlapping the left-... ben leinfelder


04:06 PM Revision 8809 (metacat): remove old EML jar -- datamanager.jar has the EMLParser now and is pulled in with maven.
ben leinfelder


04:55 PM Bug #6053 (Closed): Include rendered Metadata in Bagit content
Moved Lauren's changes from the EML default.css to the Metacat default skin.Had to change one CSS directive for tbody... ben leinfelder
04:54 PM Revision 8808 (metacat): use css changes from EML project to render a PDF that fits on a printed page during export. Note that this also changes the default skin slightly (for the better, we think).
ben leinfelder
02:59 PM Feature #6565 (Rejected): Optionally exclude data files from Google sitemap generation
Site map generation is limited to EML files already. I may have misinterpreted the request.
As long as "application....
ben leinfelder
11:46 AM Feature #6565 (Rejected): Optionally exclude data files from Google sitemap generation
ben leinfelder


12:16 PM Revision 8807 (metacat): remove configxml.jar as the ConfigXML class is now included in the utilities library.
ben leinfelder


08:48 AM Revision 8806 (metacat): handle login/logout when testing using metacat client (recent refactoring to use more standard http client code)
ben leinfelder


05:06 PM Revision 8805 (metacat): handle multiple subprocessors (RDF and ORE) before the object gets indexed by making sure to merge the solr doc map before submitting to the index.
ben leinfelder


01:58 PM Revision 8804 (metacat): use maven for datamanager dependency now that EML project has been [partially] maven-ized.
ben leinfelder


03:47 PM Revision 8803 (metacat): switch to use utilities from Maven repo instead of pulling from SVN and building locally. Added trunk/SNAPSHOT build to dev-testing Hudson (DataONE) for users who do not actively develop the utilities library. Motivated by the HTML->PDF utility, seemed like as good a time as any to convert Metacat's dependency on the project.
ben leinfelder
02:53 PM Revision 8802 (metacat): remove dependency on HttpMessage that was in the utilities project but is now removed in favor of newer (standard) http client library code.
ben leinfelder
05:19 PM Revision 8801 (metacat): add more sections about extending the annotation model, serializations, and permissions.
ben leinfelder


02:59 PM Bug #6053 (In Progress): Include rendered Metadata in Bagit content
This is all wired up in Metacat now and uses the L+F of the default skin (not the new Metacat UI look). Lauren is goi... ben leinfelder
12:06 PM Feature #6558 (Rejected): Update the Metacat skins with the new CSS used in the EML project
Also check that changes to the XSL files aren't causing style problems in each skin - default, SANPARKS, SAEON, etc.
Lauren Walker
11:49 AM Revision 8800 (metacat): Include PDF version of the metadata in the package download.
ben leinfelder
11:48 AM Revision 8799 (metacat): use default "metacat" context name for metacat-index testing.
ben leinfelder


04:14 PM Revision 8798 (metacat): Added more description for the model. cleaned up a few formatting issues.
ben leinfelder

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