From 03/10/2015 to 04/08/2015


04:18 PM Revision 9163 (metacat): Remove the "#none" href attribute from links in the MetacatUI metadata entry form.
Lauren Walker
04:17 PM Bug #6715 (Resolved): Section headers in the metadata online registry link to #none
I took out the #none href attribute from the HTML so that the browser will not try to navigate anywhere. Lauren Walker


12:17 PM Bug #6715 (Resolved): Section headers in the metadata online registry link to #none
They are supposed to collapse the section but the default event behavior of navigating to #none is never stopped so t... Lauren Walker
11:28 AM Bug #6546 (Resolved): old metacat URIs should redirect to #view service
this issue was resolved on Metacat trunk (r8764) and should be deployed on KNB with Metacat 2.5.0.
r8764: redirect...
Lauren Walker
06:37 PM Bug #6546 (In Progress): old metacat URIs should redirect to #view service
Reopening this issue because it appears some of the urls are still not redirecting properly. There are many archived... Matt Jones
09:33 AM Revision 9162 (metacat): add notes about when metacat-index.war and metacatui.war files should be deployed.
ben leinfelder


10:38 AM Revision 9161 (metacat): use secure context url for loading XSLTs in db transform
ben leinfelder


06:03 AM Revision 9160 (metacat): remove d1_annotator and tests from project -- should be used elsewhere.
ben leinfelder


04:07 PM Revision 9159 (metacat): include d1_annotator dependency
ben leinfelder
04:06 PM Revision 9158 (metacat): Add a code to test the getLogRecord method handling SID.
Jing Tao


01:24 PM Revision 9157 (metacat): Change the schema test according the change on the schema itself.
Jing Tao
01:14 PM Revision 9156 (metacat): ReplicationServices.getUrlStream(url) callers were not closing the inputstream properly, as was revealed when switching to libclient v2 (a pooling connection manager in HttpClient) and encountering reasource leaks.


11:20 AM Revision 9155 (metacat): merge CN annotation context files to metacat (MN) to support semantic index fields.
ben leinfelder
09:45 AM Revision 9154 (metacat): merge CN solr schema to metacat (MN) to support prov and semantic index fields.
ben leinfelder


02:26 PM Revision 9153 (metacat): remove classes annotator classes that have moved to a different project under dataone's github.
ben leinfelder
12:09 PM Revision 9152 (metacat): bullet-proofed exception handling in ReplicationService.getURLStream, to make sure client communication exceptions are handled and logged.


04:57 PM Revision 9151 (metacat): fixed getSSLClient method.
02:47 PM Revision 9150 (metacat): fixed class name typo.
02:15 PM Revision 9149 (metacat): fixed private getSSLClient method for HttpClient v4.3 compatibility. Now also caching the RestClient for reuse to save overhead.

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