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# Date Author Comment
737 05/04/2001 02:25 PM bojilova

specified the correct param list about the "read" action changes

732 05/01/2001 04:43 PM bojilova

chaged the hidden input box from "relation" to "docid"

702 02/22/2001 03:57 PM berkley

stylesheet for download files

666 01/18/2001 11:02 AM Matt Jones

Modified the license and copyright terms for many of the files. Added
a LICENSE file and a README file in preparation of a distribution.

621 12/15/2000 01:13 PM berkley

added build paths instead of hard coded paths

591 12/08/2000 12:23 PM berkley

added knb to resultsetspages

566 11/27/2000 01:55 PM Matt Jones

Modified stylesheets and server code to use a single "read" action instead
of the earlier "getdocument" and "getrelateddocument" actions. In the
process, developed and started to utilize a new suite of URL "protocol
handlers" that are in the package "edu.ucsb.nceas.protocols" and handle...

553 11/20/2000 05:14 AM Jing Tao

Add the eml style sheet into metacat module.

510 11/03/2000 09:38 AM bojilova

XSLT transformation on "login" and "logout" action

506 10/30/2000 05:12 PM Matt Jones

Modified stylesheets to use the default.css file from the new KNB web site.
Also, provided a new resultset.xsl that represents a simple freetext query
of the KNB data repository. Updated build.xml to relect the location of the
new css stylesheet.

505 10/27/2000 07:07 PM Matt Jones

Began work on new UI for the KNB web site. It will be the main query
interface from the KNB website.

500 10/09/2000 02:58 PM Matt Jones

Fixed typo in stylesheet.

499 10/09/2000 12:33 PM Matt Jones

More user interface changes to the HTML MARINE interface. Minor
rearrangement of columns, some link changes.

497 10/05/2000 06:50 PM Matt Jones

Various changes to improve consistency of the MARINE and METACAT user
interfaces as presented through the XSL->HTML conversions. Eliminated
one (extraneous) copy of the rowcol.css style sheet in favor of sharing
a single css stylesheet in xmltodb/lib/style/rowcol.css. Modified all...

470 09/26/2000 03:09 PM berkley

added new fields

432 09/05/2000 08:43 AM berkley

style sheet for resource documents

365 08/15/2000 02:52 PM Matt Jones

Repository reorganization, and some file cleanup to make the XSL and CSS
files portable to various installations of metacat (by using the
build.xml file substitution in the XSL files). Removed "xsqltest" directory
because it is no longer needed. Created new "style" directory inside of...

329 08/08/2000 05:39 PM Matt Jones

-Reorganized xmltodb module to support new install process for the new
linux server ( Added "" shell script that
calls ant withthe proper umask set for installation. Use:

./ install

to post a new copy of the servlet and its supporting files to the install...

119 06/01/2000 04:05 PM Matt Jones

updated paths to reflect new file locations

105 05/20/2000 03:07 PM Matt Jones

minor formatting and display update

103 05/19/2000 05:07 PM Matt Jones

updated servlet UI and added new intgrated document validity feature to servlet. Working on transformation feature.

102 05/15/2000 12:19 AM Matt Jones

debugging form submission

101 05/14/2000 10:45 PM Matt Jones

updated resultset display

98 05/12/2000 06:29 PM Matt Jones

improved query result handling

95 05/12/2000 03:33 PM Matt Jones

updated style sheet locations

86 05/08/2000 12:52 PM Matt Jones

added XSL formatting to document display for metacat servlet

85 05/05/2000 06:19 PM Matt Jones

creating automatic transformation for XML docs retreived from catalog

73 05/04/2000 04:21 PM Matt Jones

fixed nbsp formatting problem

65 04/21/2000 04:27 PM bojilova

corrected the problem with  
added encoding for <xsl:output/> like
<xsl:output method="html" encoding="iso-8859-1"/>

64 04/21/2000 04:19 PM bojilova

corrected the problem with  

63 04/20/2000 04:30 PM bojilova

Jivka: resolved the problem with escape characters.
<xsl:output method="html" encoding="iso-8859-1"/>
encoding specifies the preferred character encoding
that the XSLT processor should use to encode
sequences of characters.
ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) includes characters like  

62 04/19/2000 02:36 PM bojilova

corrected error within the xsl file

61 04/19/2000 12:08 PM bojilova

corrected error within the xsl file

57 04/18/2000 11:44 AM bojilova

no message

51 04/17/2000 04:06 PM Matt Jones

changed package name to edu.ucsb.nceas.metacat.*

50 04/17/2000 03:40 PM Matt Jones

changed database connection code, added utility class

41 04/13/2000 08:30 PM Matt Jones

fixed stylesheet issue with undefined nbsp entity by wrapping it in CDATA section

40 04/13/2000 08:09 PM Matt Jones

eliminated IE5 specific issues in eml-variable-display.xsl, modified format of display of eml-variable

39 04/13/2000 08:06 PM Matt Jones

creating display stylesheet for eml-variable

38 04/13/2000 10:15 AM Matt Jones

added files for displaying eml-variable metadata

34 04/13/2000 09:42 AM Matt Jones

added example files showing use of Oracle's XSQL utiltiy for metadata storage and retrieval