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Revision 566

Added by Matt Jones over 23 years ago

Modified stylesheets and server code to use a single "read" action instead
of the earlier "getdocument" and "getrelateddocument" actions. In the
process, developed and started to utilize a new suite of URL "protocol
handlers" that are in the package "edu.ucsb.nceas.protocols" and handle
the parsing of various forms of URLS (mainly metacat:// protocol URLS). New
protocols can be added by following the model for the metacat protocol handler.
Using this mechanism, the standard URL handling methods like "getProtocol()"
can be used, and I added the "parseQuery()" method to MetaCatUtil for
parsing query parameters into name/value pairs and returning a hashtable.
I've eliminated the use of the MetacatURL class from the main Metacat servlet
classes, but not yet from the replication server classes (because I don't
understand the implications of doing so yet).

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