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# Date Author Comment
776 06/08/2001 11:44 AM bojilova

changed dbAdapter property to edu...OracleAdapter

756 05/29/2001 05:17 PM Matt Jones

Updated pathquery.dtd to reflect new addition of filterdoctype element.

748 05/23/2001 03:26 PM bojilova

added new property for the dbadapter class as:
the installation procedure should change it to the appropriate class

743 05/21/2001 01:51 PM Matt Jones

Modifications that change the package handling behavior of metacat. Package
membership is now determined by an identifier being used as either the subject
or object in a triple. One can not request arbitrary returndocs -- only
those types that have package information embedded can be "returndoctype"...

737 05/04/2001 02:25 PM bojilova

specified the correct param list about the "read" action changes

732 05/01/2001 04:43 PM bojilova

chaged the hidden input box from "relation" to "docid"

702 02/22/2001 03:57 PM berkley

stylesheet for download files

701 02/22/2001 03:40 PM berkley

interface for viewing only download documents

700 02/22/2001 03:39 PM berkley

interface for viewing only download documents

681 01/19/2001 11:10 AM bojilova

included checkbox "public" for the servlet's "public" parameter
it is checked by default

666 01/18/2001 11:02 AM Matt Jones

Modified the license and copyright terms for many of the files. Added
a LICENSE file and a README file in preparation of a distribution.

664 01/17/2001 11:45 AM berkley

updated the syntax of some form parameters, put in build strings

663 01/17/2001 11:44 AM berkley

put in build strings instead of hard coded paths to servers

659 01/12/2001 09:02 AM berkley

changed doctype of package files

643 01/05/2001 08:34 AM berkley

added data port param

639 01/04/2001 06:03 PM bojilova

added property "accessdoctype=-//NCEAS//eml-access//EN"

637 01/04/2001 04:05 PM berkley

added support to download a data file through metacat using a metacat url or a docid parameter: added a datafilepath parameter to show the servlet where data files are stored on the local file system.

631 12/21/2000 02:57 PM berkley

changed replication interface to make it easier to see the servers.

630 12/21/2000 02:19 PM berkley

changed replication interface to make it easier to see the servers.

629 12/21/2000 09:03 AM berkley

added support for one way replication

621 12/15/2000 01:13 PM berkley

added build paths instead of hard coded paths

620 12/15/2000 12:19 PM bojilova

added acltext and dtdtext form fields - optional

615 12/14/2000 03:02 PM bojilova

added property sitecode (=nceas) needed for Accession#

597 12/12/2000 12:14 PM bojilova

dtdPath and dtdURL properties added needed for DTD upload on Metacat file system

594 12/12/2000 10:53 AM berkley

web page control panel for replication

591 12/08/2000 12:23 PM berkley

added knb to resultsetspages

587 12/07/2000 02:13 PM berkley

added an ant substitution for the jdbc connection string

586 12/06/2000 03:06 PM berkley

added ant substitution for server and replication-log

585 12/06/2000 01:27 PM berkley

added the replication servlet to the default web.xml file.

584 12/06/2000 01:26 PM berkley

added a logging system for replication. The log file location is set in

566 11/27/2000 01:55 PM Matt Jones

Modified stylesheets and server code to use a single "read" action instead
of the earlier "getdocument" and "getrelateddocument" actions. In the
process, developed and started to utilize a new suite of URL "protocol
handlers" that are in the package "edu.ucsb.nceas.protocols" and handle...

553 11/20/2000 05:14 AM Jing Tao

Add the eml style sheet into metacat module.

548 11/16/2000 12:35 PM berkley

changed alpha to dev in odbc driver param

547 11/16/2000 12:33 PM berkley

removed servercode param

538 11/14/2000 11:01 AM berkley

added servercode prop.

535 11/13/2000 05:04 PM Matt Jones

Modified pathquery.dtd and QuerySpecification to allow some new constraints
on queries submitted to Metacat. Now, queries can contain an optional
set of <owner> tags that identify the users for which documents should be
returned, and a list of <site> tags constraining the site identifiers...

527 11/13/2000 10:11 AM bojilova

changes for using SRB v1.1.8 at LTER, NM

526 11/13/2000 10:08 AM bojilova

SRB v1.1.8

525 11/13/2000 10:05 AM berkley

added replication properties

511 11/03/2000 11:12 AM bojilova

not needed

510 11/03/2000 09:38 AM bojilova

XSLT transformation on "login" and "logout" action

508 10/31/2000 02:29 PM bojilova

added "qformat=html" form parameter for "login" and "logout" actions

507 10/31/2000 02:14 PM bojilova

changed action's value:
"Login" to "login"
"Logout" to "logout"

506 10/30/2000 05:12 PM Matt Jones

Modified stylesheets to use the default.css file from the new KNB web site.
Also, provided a new resultset.xsl that represents a simple freetext query
of the KNB data repository. Updated build.xml to relect the location of the
new css stylesheet.

505 10/27/2000 07:07 PM Matt Jones

Began work on new UI for the KNB web site. It will be the main query
interface from the KNB website.

503 10/24/2000 01:03 PM bojilova

merge AUTH_LDAP to the main branch

500 10/09/2000 02:58 PM Matt Jones

Fixed typo in stylesheet.

499 10/09/2000 12:33 PM Matt Jones

More user interface changes to the HTML MARINE interface. Minor
rearrangement of columns, some link changes.

498 10/06/2000 06:40 PM Matt Jones

Replaced imagemap with anchor links in the web interface to simplify the
rearrangement of the interface. This new feature uses javascript to
submit the form when the link is clicked.

497 10/05/2000 06:50 PM Matt Jones

Various changes to improve consistency of the MARINE and METACAT user
interfaces as presented through the XSL->HTML conversions. Eliminated
one (extraneous) copy of the rowcol.css style sheet in favor of sharing
a single css stylesheet in xmltodb/lib/style/rowcol.css. Modified all...

488 10/03/2000 03:47 PM berkley

added ability to enterpret relationdoctype tag.

487 10/03/2000 02:26 PM berkley

added new linkage to the title in the table

482 10/03/2000 08:05 AM berkley

made package changes

480 10/02/2000 10:32 AM bojilova

moved it from src/edu/ucsb/nceas/metacat dir to here

477 09/29/2000 01:52 PM berkley

changed the look of relations

474 09/27/2000 01:12 PM berkley

added a "server" parameter which tells the system the path to the server on which metacat is running. This is used for metacat:// urls.

470 09/26/2000 03:09 PM berkley

added new fields

469 09/26/2000 03:09 PM berkley

added support for returndoc handling.

468 09/26/2000 03:08 PM berkley

added a packagedoctype parameter so that the servlet knows what kind of doctype a package

467 09/26/2000 03:08 PM berkley

updated for returndoc field

456 09/15/2000 03:16 PM berkley

updated this style sheet to display only resource documents and their related files. Also added hidden input params to the images on the left so that the related document info is sent back to the servlet when documentation or an abstract is requested.

455 09/15/2000 12:53 PM berkley

this stylesheet now processes relation information.

438 09/05/2000 02:01 PM berkley

added documentation and cleaned up the markup.

435 09/05/2000 01:49 PM berkley

Added support for viewabstract

432 09/05/2000 08:43 AM berkley

style sheet for resource documents

422 08/31/2000 02:18 PM berkley

changed xslf for new resultfield scheme

420 08/29/2000 01:58 PM berkley

changed paths in returnfield parameters

419 08/29/2000 11:01 AM berkley

added alt tags

418 08/29/2000 11:01 AM berkley

added alt tag

417 08/29/2000 11:00 AM berkley

new graphics and their adobe illustrator vector files

416 08/29/2000 10:58 AM berkley

changed colors and layout

406 08/24/2000 08:57 AM berkley

removed extraneous dash (-) from output loop that was entered unintentionallyi

404 08/23/2000 03:54 PM berkley

changed the field names to be case-sensitive

403 08/23/2000 10:33 AM berkley

added the returnfield element to be used for dynamically choosing which fields to return from xml_nodes.

400 08/23/2000 10:20 AM berkley

added support for the returnfield parameter

399 08/23/2000 10:19 AM berkley is no longer needed because the marine servlet uses all of the metacat properties.

398 08/23/2000 10:17 AM berkley

a way to access the marine servlet without using javascript

397 08/23/2000 10:16 AM berkley

updated the URL given the new <returnfield> paramet

387 08/18/2000 03:48 PM berkley

redirector to access the marine servlet

386 08/18/2000 03:45 PM berkley

modified the xsl to work with the new servlet architecture.o

379 08/18/2000 09:31 AM bojilova

decrease the number of "initialConnections" to 5, "increaseConnections" stay 5, decrease the "maximumConnections" to 10

377 08/17/2000 05:29 PM Matt Jones

Updated default html forms for metacat queries to use the "anyfield"
keyword for constructing a default query. This should now work with
the new handleQuery method of MetaCatServlet.
Submitted by:
Reviewed by:

369 08/15/2000 04:07 PM Matt Jones

Changed "xmltodb" to "html-path/style" so that the resultset.xsl
stylesheet could be found in various servlet contexts.

365 08/15/2000 02:52 PM Matt Jones

Repository reorganization, and some file cleanup to make the XSL and CSS
files portable to various installations of metacat (by using the
build.xml file substitution in the XSL files). Removed "xsqltest" directory
because it is no longer needed. Created new "style" directory inside of...

362 08/15/2000 02:24 PM Matt Jones

Added user and password to build.xml for filter substitution.

359 08/15/2000 12:48 PM bojilova

sorry, I needed new property "html-path" with value "/xmltodb" for me.
Chad, for you should be I think "/berkley"

358 08/15/2000 12:15 PM bojilova

New "servletpath" and "installdir" properties

352 08/14/2000 03:09 PM berkley

added eml-resource to the catalog

348 08/14/2000 01:43 PM Matt Jones

Updated build process to now use a copy of the source files so that keyword
substitution can ocur before the build. This allows for substitution of
hardcoded values into the source before the compile. Currently, I am
using this feature to do the following:...

347 08/14/2000 11:27 AM bojilova

added Logout link

340 08/10/2000 04:30 PM bojilova

changed paths

338 08/10/2000 03:34 PM bojilova

simple JavaScript to put focus on username field

335 08/10/2000 01:45 PM higgins

no message

334 08/10/2000 12:13 PM bojilova

changing paths, b' of new dev environment

331 08/09/2000 04:17 PM Matt Jones

updated properties file to reflect new db location

330 08/08/2000 05:40 PM Matt Jones

added web.xml configuration file for Tomcat Servlet engine

329 08/08/2000 05:39 PM Matt Jones

-Reorganized xmltodb module to support new install process for the new
linux server ( Added "" shell script that
calls ant withthe proper umask set for installation. Use:

./ install

to post a new copy of the servlet and its supporting files to the install...

328 08/07/2000 05:31 PM bojilova

rearrange html pages for login and metacat access

327 08/07/2000 02:44 PM bojilova

renamed index.html to metacat.html

326 08/07/2000 02:43 PM bojilova