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# Date Author Comment
691 01/31/2001 10:50 AM bojilova

cleared DOCTITLE attribute in xml_documents and xml_revisions
cleared all mentions of doctitle

688 01/31/2001 10:05 AM bojilova

added new "getaccesscontrol" action for a given docid

686 01/26/2001 09:37 AM berkley

fixed white space problem in toXML that was preventing in line end tags from being popped from the stack.

684 01/19/2001 04:12 PM bojilova

Solving the problem with relication of access file where access files were rejected from the replication servers.
In AccessControlList check for serverCode is included,
so only on the local server the connected user is checked for having "all" permissions on the resources specified in it...

683 01/19/2001 03:20 PM berkley

fixed some problems with database connections getting a time out error. Also updated some catch statements

682 01/19/2001 11:31 AM bojilova

fixed typo

680 01/19/2001 11:05 AM bojilova

included new servlet parameter "public" specifing public read access for the submitted document
the expected values are "yes" or "no"
public parameter is optional and if it is not specified, means "no"

679 01/19/2001 10:51 AM berkley

fixed bug that was accidentally introduced when the change from metacatURL to URL was done.

678 01/18/2001 03:38 PM berkley

added location info to catch statements

675 01/18/2001 03:15 PM berkley

added precise location information (class.method) to each catch statement so that errors are more easily traced.

674 01/18/2001 01:46 PM berkley

removed print statements

673 01/18/2001 12:46 PM bojilova

fixed typo

672 01/18/2001 12:38 PM bojilova

included implementation for public "read" access as specified from the access file

671 01/18/2001 12:27 PM berkley

fixed introduced problem with preparedStatements

669 01/18/2001 11:52 AM Matt Jones

Added license terms to source code files, and cleaned up some javadoc
documentation in a few places.

668 01/18/2001 11:29 AM Matt Jones

Added License terms to source files, added more documentation to protocol
handler classes.

667 01/18/2001 11:25 AM berkley

closed all preparedStatement variables

665 01/17/2001 02:45 PM bojilova

implementation for multiple <resourceIndentifier> tags under <resource>

662 01/17/2001 08:59 AM berkley

removed dependence on MetacatURL for URL handling. Added more flexible support for identifiers in the subject and object fields. They can now be just a docid, an http url or a metacat url.

661 01/16/2001 01:49 PM berkley

fixed bug in data file permission checking. (commited wrong file last time)

660 01/12/2001 09:55 AM bojilova

- turned on the validation in order only valid xml docs comformed to the specified dtd (if any) to be submitted in metacat
- with validation "on" white spaces are reported from ignorableWhitespace() callback, not from characters() (as with validation "off")...

658 01/11/2001 01:53 PM berkley

added more documentation

657 01/11/2001 01:44 PM berkley

changed getCookie to static

656 01/11/2001 01:37 PM berkley

added support for the new abstract class) to handle data file uploading through metnewninterface (actuall

655 01/11/2001 01:36 PM berkley

newninterface (actually an abstract class) to handle data file uploading through met

654 01/10/2001 01:34 PM berkley

fixed error in logic. sending the filesize as an int terminated by a zero failed when the file size was greater than 256. The filesize is now sent as a string followed by a zero.

653 01/10/2001 01:05 PM berkley

added support for the server to return the docid of the newly added data file. Also, now the data stream must be prefixed with the following information: filename <0> sessionid <0> filesize <0>. where the <0> symbol is a byte containing zero. The filesize is sent as an int and the filename and sessionid are sent as strings (in byte form).

652 01/09/2001 05:37 PM bojilova

unified getting "docid" value from metacat URLs specified in <resourceIdentifier> tags
by using MetaCatUtil.parseQuery() method in the same way as in MetaCatServlet.

651 01/09/2001 02:02 PM berkley

fixed error handling and time out issues. Also fixed thread syncronization problem

650 01/09/2001 01:03 PM berkley

multiple files with the same names no longer overwrite each other.

649 01/09/2001 11:09 AM berkley

fixed minor error

648 01/09/2001 11:03 AM berkley

added support for data file upload via a random, authenticated socket.
The action added to metacatServlet is getdataport. A client can send a getdataport request. the server returns a random port number and starts a thread to handle the request on the given random port. The thread will only accept requests from the client that has the session id equal to that of the user that made the getdataport request. the user must be authenticated and logged in to make a getdataport request. Once the port number is received by the client the connection can be made. The first two parameters in the data stream must be the filename, followed by session id. (note that it only wants the session id not the whole cookie and the "JSESSION=" must be stripped from the text.) If the session number is correct, the upload is allowed, the file is written and xml_documents is updated with the new data file information.

647 01/09/2001 10:57 AM berkley

added support for data file upload via a random, authenticated socket.

645 01/08/2001 05:11 PM bojilova

- appling acl through access files only
- clearing around update/delete of access files - to delete the related records from both xml_access and xml_relation tables
- included check for user permissions for setting acl on the resources in the access file
- moved RelationHandler.deleteRelations(docid) down in RelationHandler obj just before the write of the new relations

641 01/05/2001 08:22 AM berkley

fixed url error in data download function

640 01/04/2001 06:13 PM bojilova

Use the new property "accessdoctype" to check if this is access file.
If it is, run AccessControlList for wirting into xml_access and xml_relation tables.
This is the thread that writes XML Index but afterwards.

638 01/04/2001 05:12 PM bojilova

included support for submition of access files
+ storing the acl info in xml_access table and relationship records in xml_relation table like
<aclfile, "isaclfilefor", recourceIdentifier> for every resource included in the access file

636 01/04/2001 04:04 PM berkley

added support to download a data file through metacat using a metacat url or a docid parameter.

634 01/03/2001 09:41 AM berkley

updating a package file now updates the relations that are created from it. Also, if you delete a package file, it will delete the relations associated with it.

631 12/21/2000 02:57 PM berkley

changed replication interface to make it easier to see the servers.

629 12/21/2000 09:03 AM berkley

added support for one way replication

628 12/20/2000 01:25 PM berkley

added revision support to the delete function

626 12/20/2000 10:20 AM berkley

fixed sql error

625 12/20/2000 09:38 AM berkley

cleaned up code

624 12/20/2000 09:28 AM berkley

removed package doctype filtering from the resultset.

623 12/19/2000 01:47 PM berkley

added comments to top of class

622 12/19/2000 01:46 PM berkley

changed accession number schema to <sitecode>.<serialnumber>.<revisionnumber>. parses docids into parts for easy manipulation. You can now specifiy a specific revision by asking for document <sitecode>.<serialnumber>.<revisionnumber> or you can get the newest revision by asking for <sitecode>.<serialnumber> or by asking for <sitecode>.<serialnumber>.newest.

619 12/15/2000 11:11 AM bojilova

fixed typos around acltext and dtdtext params

618 12/14/2000 03:07 PM bojilova

changed acc# generation to use db sequence instead of timestamp

617 12/14/2000 03:06 PM bojilova

fixed typo

613 12/13/2000 02:54 PM bojilova

fixed typo

612 12/13/2000 02:18 PM bojilova

fixed typo

611 12/13/2000 12:57 PM bojilova

fixed typo

610 12/13/2000 12:53 PM berkley

commented out print statement

609 12/13/2000 12:35 PM bojilova

fixed typo

608 12/13/2000 11:37 AM bojilova

problems with passing the connection between objects

607 12/13/2000 11:29 AM bojilova

problems with passing the connection between objects

606 12/13/2000 11:12 AM berkley

overwrite Jivka's overwrite

605 12/13/2000 10:56 AM bojilova

problem with passing the connection between objects

604 12/13/2000 10:23 AM bojilova

problem with passing the connection between objects

603 12/13/2000 09:45 AM berkley

removed print statement

602 12/13/2000 09:41 AM berkley

fixed bug where some relations were not returned because the sql did not take into account an sql that had a directory structure in it.

601 12/12/2000 02:32 PM berkley

changed connection handling in the constructor

600 12/12/2000 01:36 PM bojilova

one more write() method was needed

599 12/12/2000 01:29 PM bojilova

constructor DBEntityResolver(Connection conn) is needed; cleared by mistake

598 12/12/2000 12:50 PM bojilova

- added new parameter dtd for upload on Metacat file system; optional; Reader
- new routines to upload dtd if provided
- systemID of metadata document is used to exctract the filename of new dtd;
- the new dtd is uploaded on Metacat file system as specified by dtdPath property;...

595 12/12/2000 10:55 AM berkley

added additional actions to facilitate a web based interface to the replication servlet.

593 12/11/2000 12:26 PM berkley

removed the initial connection pool creation step in init()

592 12/08/2000 02:39 PM higgins

comment out line in read action that sends a copy of docid prior to returning doc
in XML format (apparent debug statement left in by mistake)

590 12/07/2000 03:11 PM berkley

added replication for the xml_catalog table. Right now it is only replicated when the deltaT handler is called. I will add more replication times later.

589 12/07/2000 03:10 PM berkley

parser for the xml encoding of the xml_catalog tableing (fi

584 12/06/2000 01:26 PM berkley

added a logging system for replication. The log file location is set in

583 12/06/2000 10:33 AM berkley

cleaned up code, added more complete documentation of replication algorithms and datastructures.

582 12/06/2000 09:59 AM berkley

made replication on insert or update us. Also made a method in AccessionNumber public so that you can tell if an accession number has already been used.e place be

581 12/06/2000 09:57 AM berkley

An asynchronous replication handler. This class creates a new thread to handle replication so that the user does not have to wait for replication to take place before he/she sees the result of an insert or update.

580 12/05/2000 02:50 PM berkley

updated file locking mechanisms to use revisions instead of dates.

579 12/01/2000 04:28 PM berkley

fixed typo, removed extra print statements

577 12/01/2000 03:27 PM berkley

added replication_on_insert handling. Changed replication from date_updated base replication to revision number replication.

576 11/30/2000 02:41 PM bojilova

change the generation of Accession# in the form of <sidecode>.<createdate>

575 11/30/2000 01:32 PM berkley

added revision number tracking support to xml_documents and xml_revisions. Also added an updated flag as a replacement for date based replication handling.

574 11/30/2000 11:43 AM berkley

replication on insert functionality is now working.

573 11/29/2000 03:18 PM berkley

added more replication/file locking functionality.

572 11/29/2000 09:15 AM berkley

added more locking support and support for remote update of files.

571 11/29/2000 09:07 AM berkley

added more locking functionality for replication

570 11/28/2000 05:15 PM bojilova

- methods for parsing and loading acl file
- checkup method for permission for given principal on given resource
- checkup for READ permission using AccessControlList.hasPermission()
- using AccessControlList object to parse and load an acl file into xml_access table...

569 11/28/2000 10:16 AM berkley

cleaned up code, added new static methods to MetacatReplication for handling static queries and getting URL content.

568 11/28/2000 08:30 AM berkley

updated insert handling and added an action to request the time from a remote server.

567 11/28/2000 08:27 AM berkley

created locking action in replication servlet and added semi-support to documentImpl to handle documents updatedee by replicatio

566 11/27/2000 01:55 PM Matt Jones

Modified stylesheets and server code to use a single "read" action instead
of the earlier "getdocument" and "getrelateddocument" actions. In the
process, developed and started to utilize a new suite of URL "protocol
handlers" that are in the package "edu.ucsb.nceas.protocols" and handle...

563 11/22/2000 06:18 PM Matt Jones

Added a new URL protocol handler class for the metacat protocol. This
class will replace the current MetacatURL class in a much simpler and
extensible manner. See the documentation for and for details.

562 11/22/2000 02:56 PM berkley

this class allows the parsing of xml data sent by a replication server to assertain document info about a remote document.

561 11/22/2000 02:55 PM berkley

added functionality to allow the replication servlet to assertain and insert user and group info into the local database. started implementation of insert replication handler (it is commented out in this commit)

559 11/22/2000 09:39 AM berkley

fixed compatibility problem by overloading the write method. Jivka's new parameter (Reader acl) is now defaulted to null if it is not explicitly declared.

557 11/21/2000 11:43 AM bojilova

added interface to handle a new "acl" parameter bringing the text of a xml access file for a given metadata document
the "acl" parameter is optional and should be sent on INSERT or UPDATE action.

555 11/21/2000 10:04 AM bojilova

new class for parsing ACL XML file and loading acl data into metacat db

554 11/20/2000 09:11 AM berkley

added delete functionality

552 11/17/2000 02:34 PM berkley

added support for server_location in the xml_revisions table.

551 11/16/2000 03:36 PM berkley

removed inadvertent comments

549 11/16/2000 03:26 PM berkley

removed dependence on a server code in the accession number of each document. the file's resident server is now located in xml_documents.server_location.

545 11/16/2000 11:03 AM berkley

no message