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1023 04/23/2002 06:09 PM Jing Tao

Add two method: handleGetDataFileRequest and handleForceReplicateDataFile. The two methods will handle data file replication.

1022 04/23/2002 06:07 PM Jing Tao

Adding handle force replication data file part.

1021 04/23/2002 06:06 PM Jing Tao

Add a new method named unRegisterDocument. This method will delete the record in xml_document table which is for a data file

1020 04/19/2002 06:52 PM Jing Tao

Figure out the configuration issue about replication. If metacat was configured to set replication off in build.xml, it will reject replication.

Adding a method named handleGetDataFileRequest. User can download data file from replcication now.

1016 04/18/2002 03:35 PM Jing Tao

Currently, some document in xml_document table doesn't have entries in
xml_access table. This is okay during the old access policy.
But we changed the access policy( see bug 437 ) and if there is no entry in
xml_access table, except owner, other person can not access it....

1015 04/16/2002 06:21 PM Jing Tao

Fixed the bug that handle force replication

1014 04/16/2002 06:20 PM Jing Tao

Fixed the bug that to handle forceReplication action

1013 04/16/2002 06:19 PM Jing Tao

Add a method named getLocalReplicationServerName

1012 04/16/2002 06:18 PM Jing Tao

Fixed the bug metacat will set server location to 1, no matter it is.

1011 04/15/2002 06:04 PM Jing Tao

Fixed the getall didn't work. Now local host can insert or update documents from remote host.
But still there some problem on force replcation.

1006 04/11/2002 08:35 AM Jing Tao

Fixed getGroup method return a exception and cause authenticate failed.

1005 04/11/2002 12:18 AM Matt Jones

Fixed the getIdentifyingName() sub so that it properly looks up someones
DN if passed in a DN that is an alias. This is mainly important for
sites like PISCO that use a different root to their tree than the tree. Now we can successfully authenticate againast...

1004 04/10/2002 10:04 PM Jing Tao

Some changes for pisco.

1002 04/10/2002 03:51 PM berkley

turned debug off for the release

1001 04/10/2002 03:18 PM berkley

hopefully fixed the connection closed error.

1000 04/10/2002 02:09 PM berkley

fixed groups error, I hope.

991 04/09/2002 08:31 AM Jing Tao

fixed auth bug

980 04/04/2002 01:36 PM berkley

updated authldap to get the groups to work (king of)

976 03/22/2002 02:24 PM Jing Tao

Method getGourps was revised. Attributes variables were set there. Other wise, when it caught a referral exception and started a thread, this will caused a exception problem. When string array groups were returned by method getGroups in getPrincipals method, we should check if the groups is null or not. Otherwise it will cause a exception problem. This revise is for bug 445.

975 03/18/2002 05:02 PM Jing Tao

In hasPermission method, a situation was considered: if no user and group, the permssion will be true. This is for the command line invocation.

968 03/08/2002 02:41 PM Jing Tao

Method endElement in AccessControList was revised. A feature that put access document itset into xml_access was added.

966 03/07/2002 02:14 PM Jing Tao

In hasPermission method, a rule for access document is implements. If user want to write a access document, it should hhave "all" permission.
The permission for access document now is looking up in xml_access table directly, rather get same permission to data set document.

965 03/06/2002 06:30 PM Jing Tao

In order to increase data file docid, method registerDocument was revised. Now it not only insert a new data file record to xml_documents table, but also can update the data file documents. Moreover, it can archieve the old version to xml_revisions table. Two other private methods were added to handl these futures: deleteXMLDocuments and getLatestRevisionNumber.

963 03/06/2002 04:17 PM berkley

fixed my tagging error

962 03/06/2002 03:58 PM berkley

some small changes I had to make to get the QAENGINE demo to work right. this should be committing in a branch

961 03/06/2002 09:00 AM Jing Tao

We decided that the permission for a user to an access documents is as same as to the data set document(which contains the access document). In order to do this, we need to look-up xml-relation table. If we could find the data set document id, just check the id. If we couldn't find one, we need check if the user is owner. If it is, has permission. Otherwise, doesn't have.

959 03/05/2002 01:14 PM Jing Tao

Add a new method getDataSetId to the class. The permission policy for access documents is: the user will have the same permission as data set file. (There is no entry in xml_access table for access document.

958 03/05/2002 01:11 PM Jing Tao

Add a throwing exception in hasPermission and hasReadPermission methods.

957 03/05/2002 01:09 PM Jing Tao

Add a throwing exception in haspermission method.

956 03/05/2002 11:38 AM Jing Tao

A constructor for this class was added. In the new constructor, user can specify the revision number he want to update. In method writeDocumentToDB, when a update action happend, the rev number would not automatictlly to add one, but it can go to specified number. This is for bug 417.

955 03/05/2002 11:33 AM Jing Tao

A constructor was added to this class. In this constructor, user can specify the revision number he want to update. And the number can be passed into a DocumentImpl object constructor in startElement method. But the number should be greater than current number in database.

954 03/05/2002 11:28 AM Jing Tao

A method named getLastRevisionNumber was added. And condition for checking accession number was revised too. Now metacat wouldn't refuse a revsion number which is 2 or more greater than current revision number in the database. This is for bug 417.

953 03/05/2002 09:19 AM Jing Tao

Access document was added to exported data package too.

952 03/04/2002 08:34 PM Jing Tao

The method - hasAllowRule was revised. If a action -read or update was approved, all ticket count of allow rule entries for this action will minus one if the entries have ticket count number (not null).

951 03/01/2002 06:07 PM Jing Tao

The two hasPermission methods were rewritten. Some logic bugs were fixed. Now user, public and group will not be checked speratedly, but they will be check together as string array. In order to do this, private methods isAccessDocument, containDocumentOwner, isAllowFirst, hasAllowRule, hasExplicitDenyRule, hasImplicitDenyRule, and createUsersPackage were added.

950 02/26/2002 02:02 PM Jing Tao

In method transformXMLDocument, if no style sheet registered was found for the input document, the document will be send back, rather than use util.DebugMessge to print.

949 02/26/2002 01:55 PM Jing Tao

Only delete some incorrect comment.

948 02/26/2002 01:53 PM Jing Tao

When user request a data package, the old version documents would be exported. Only export the request one.

During the export function. Every document will be check if the user has the permission to read or not.

947 02/26/2002 08:37 AM Jing Tao

The feature of check permission before Metacat handle a "read" action. If user doesn't have permission, its request will be rejected.
After creating a DocumentImpl object. A method named hasReadPermission in that class will be called to make sure the user has permission to read it.

946 02/26/2002 08:30 AM Jing Tao

A method named hasReadPermission was added. The method will check if a user has permission toread a xml document.

945 02/26/2002 08:23 AM Jing Tao

A new method named hasPermissionToExportPackage was added. So when MetaCat handle export action, it will check if user has permission to read the data package. If it has, MetaCat will export a zip output stream to it. Otherwise, MetaCat will be through a exception.

944 02/26/2002 08:18 AM Jing Tao

Code to handle "read" permission was changed in hasPermission method. The old code used old way to look up the public_access field in xml_documents table.

943 02/22/2002 03:02 PM Jing Tao

A new action named export was add to it. This action will export a zip output stream for a data package. In the zip output stream, meta data documents, data files and a html summary file are include. The stucture will looks like:
package----/metadata/metadata docments...

942 02/22/2002 02:56 PM Jing Tao

Two metacat util methods were add. One is getDocIdFromString and the other is getVersionFromString. They output a docid and revision if a string like str1.str2.str3. were passed to them.

941 02/22/2002 02:53 PM Jing Tao

A method named transformXmlDocument were overload. It transform an XML document to StringWriter using the stylesheet reference from the db.

940 02/22/2002 02:50 PM Jing Tao

A public method named getZippedPackage() and other relative private methods were add to this class. The public method can give a zip output stream if a docid and other parameters were passed to it.

935 02/13/2002 05:48 PM Jing Tao

Some code format problem was fixed.

934 02/13/2002 03:17 PM Jing Tao

The bug was fixed.
After a referral exception happend, we should set enviroment properties again before creating a contex. These environment properties include PROVIDER_URL, SECURITY_PRINCIPLE, SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, REFERRAL, and INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACOTRY. Otherwise, you couldn't get a naming exception.

930 02/12/2002 09:14 PM Jing Tao

Authentication bug was fixed (bug 408).
However, it needs to test if referral cotaining a referral.

928 02/11/2002 05:56 PM Jing Tao

Please check it.

927 02/11/2002 08:10 AM Jing Tao

In order to fix bug 408 (authentication), some important variables' values
were followed.

920 02/02/2002 01:14 AM Matt Jones

Set the qformat parameter so the stylesheets can use it for conditional

915 01/29/2002 10:15 AM berkley

fixed error I introduced when I got postgres working

906 01/22/2002 11:30 AM berkley

updated metacat so that the xmlparserv2.jar file is no longer needed. replaced all of teh oracle xml processing with xalan and xerces.

899 01/18/2002 10:24 AM berkley

made a ton of changes related to keeping oracle SQL code out of the main classes. fixed a bug where the timing of the index thread was off so when it went to index a document, the document was not already in xml_documents thus breaking the FK relation between xml_documents and xml_index. I think that bug might be the reason for the blank resultset screens in morpho. made the postgres implementation much more robust.

897 01/16/2002 03:24 PM berkley

removed because this is no longer used. it was causing a compile error when using postgres because it directly imports the oracle driver.

894 01/15/2002 08:46 AM berkley

fixed bug with ampersands in the returned relations in the resultset.

893 01/14/2002 03:04 PM berkley

added a manual timeout to counteract the hideously long ldap time out that is encountered when a referred ldap server is down.

888 01/03/2002 02:02 PM berkley

updated the referral mechanism so that metacat doesn't crash when a referral server is not available

887 12/20/2001 12:13 PM berkley

made it so we can now use multiple accessfilestypes and packagdfiletypes in the file. Also fixed a bug introduced when the 'http://' was removed from behind the server name in the loaddtd.sql script and the knb.xml file

873 11/26/2001 02:36 PM Matt Jones

Fixed the getUsers() and getPrincipals() methods so that they no longer
fail when large result sets are requested. The problem was that the
LDAP server was returning a "size limit exceeded" message when the resultset
from the query exceeded the default limit of 500 entries. Now we...

872 11/21/2001 06:10 PM Matt Jones

Re-enabled referrals which I had turned off for debugging purposes.

871 11/21/2001 06:09 PM Matt Jones

Modified AuthLdap to fix the may problems associated with group and user
queries. Now the getGroups() and getUsers() methods work as advertised,
and there is a test of each of the methods in "main" for testing purposes.
Simplified the class substantially. Fixed the getAttributes method as...

870 11/20/2001 08:10 AM berkley

fixed error where person with 'all' permission could not update the access file.

869 11/20/2001 08:10 AM berkley

fixed error where person with 'all' permission could not update the access file.

868 11/14/2001 01:33 PM berkley

fixed referral catching mechanism in authLdap.ldapAuthenticate() so that it will refer through a bunch of linked servers instead of just one....I still haven't figured out why the getGroups method wont work.

867 11/01/2001 02:29 PM berkley

fixed the error where the ldap authenticate took 15 seconds to execute

866 10/31/2001 11:06 AM berkley

I think i have fixed the ldap referral bug. the test lter account that david made for me works, however I would like matt or someone more knowedgeable with ldap to please check my code. the changes I made are around line 200 of AuthLdap. I put a comment in the source where the code needs to be checked.

865 10/25/2001 05:18 PM Matt Jones

Fix for bug #309 so that Metacat will now follow LDAP referrals. Previously
the default was to ignore referrals. Now we explictly set the JNDI
Context.REFERRAL value to the value in the metacat.propert "referral".
The file has been modified to add the "referral" property,...

862 10/24/2001 10:53 AM berkley

added new permission 'changepermission' and made 'all' inclusive for all permissions

859 10/22/2001 04:06 PM berkley

fixed access control bug. the character data in the sax parser was not getting trimmed and causing problems. also fixed hard coded eml-dataset public id in the web index file

852 10/21/2001 05:51 PM Matt Jones

Updated metacat login semantics. Now, metacat assumes the username passed
in is the 'full' distinguished name of the user. If that fails, then
instead it tries looking up the string and seeing if it can determine
what the DN is, then uses it. The preferred method of logging in via...

847 10/19/2001 02:50 PM Matt Jones

Fixed the function to return the max id for a given scope. Now the function
takes a parameter named 'scope' and returns the largest docid that has been
used under that scope in this metacat instance (it used to return the most
recently created docid, which is clearly different). For compatibility with...

846 10/19/2001 10:34 AM berkley

fixed bug where the whole filename of a data file was not appended to the file input stream so metacat just returned a null document

845 10/18/2001 04:57 PM Matt Jones

Fixed problem with metacat handleReadAction where the OutputStream from the
response object was closed and an attempt to reopen a PrintWriter was made
on the same response, which is illegal. Now the OutputStream is converted
to a PrintWriter in order to write the XML error message back to the client....

842 10/02/2001 11:51 AM bojilova

fixed to get groupnames for a user using any identifying name

840 09/24/2001 10:55 AM bojilova

for action=servercontrol&subaction=add
added function for downloading of the certificate file
from the specified URL of the source server
and uploading it onto this server

837 09/20/2001 01:14 PM bojilova

changes in replication to use https

836 09/17/2001 12:51 PM bojilova

fix around one way replication:
when server A sends document to the servers in its list of replication servers with replicate=1 in xml_replication table,
the server B received the document does NOT need the opposite check on its end.

835 09/17/2001 10:57 AM bojilova

fixed error:
writing on the replication server required the whole acc# (including the rev#)

834 09/17/2001 10:01 AM Matt Jones

Fixed bug in metacat where an Exception was thrown when a search returned
an empty resultset. Now we avoid the function call that threw the exeption.

832 09/14/2001 04:00 PM Matt Jones

Added support for multiple user interfaces by enabling style sheet
transformations to be configured from within metacat rather than
from in the database. Now, metacat uses the qformat parameter to determine
a "style set", which is mapped to an xml configuration file that...

831 09/14/2001 11:59 AM bojilova

small fix to enable resolving external entities included in the DTD;
external entities are now resolved successfully by DBEntityResolver using the specified system ids
and thus there no need of registering the relative system ids,
This is because EntityResolver uses its internal implementation to map the relative system ids to the...

830 09/13/2001 10:28 PM Matt Jones

Removed the requirement that the relationship for ACL associations be
"isRelatedTo". Now the relationship in the triple can be anything, like
"describes access control rules for". This doesn't affect the ACL
processing because it is based on the ACL document type, not the...

826 09/12/2001 02:49 PM bojilova

changes to store namespace prefixes separately from the local names of nodes (elements and attributes)
in xml_nodes.nodeprefix column

822 08/16/2001 10:48 AM Matt Jones

Revised build.xml and to make it easier to
install alternative stylesheets for metacat. In the process,
replaced the deprecated copydir and copyfile commands in build.xml
with appropriate "copy" commands.

821 08/15/2001 01:38 PM bojilova

added support for Namespaces.
Metacat now can store and retrieve XML documents with Namespaces.
Namespace is stored as separate record in xml_nodes table with type "NAMESPACE"
where nodename is the prefix and nodedata is the uri of the namespace.

820 08/08/2001 05:07 PM bojilova

fixed an error of NullPointerException

819 08/08/2001 12:56 PM bojilova

- when the Access file goes first before the Package file (eml-dataset-2.0)
relations are not available in xml_relation, thus updated the code
to check and run ACL also after the Package file is saved.
- cut out the rev# from subject and object in xml_relation as needed by ACL...

818 08/02/2001 10:29 AM berkley

fixed error with out of cursors error because pstmts were not getting closed in DBQuery

815 07/31/2001 07:34 PM bojilova

look for relationship "isRelatedTo" b' that is the word that is used in the triples

804 07/23/2001 09:28 AM bojilova

fixed the compilation bug about the change of group parameter in DocumentImpl.write()

802 07/20/2001 09:03 PM bojilova

added support for multiple group membership

801 07/20/2001 03:19 PM Matt Jones

Changed the constructors so that the nodeRecordList is automatically
retrieved by the DocumentImpl(Connection,String) constructor. this
restores its earlier behavior, but the implementation is totally
done by DocumentImpl(Connection,String,boolean).

800 07/20/2001 11:23 AM Matt Jones

Added fix to DocumentImpl that showed problems when the DocumentImpl(conn)
constructor was called. Now there is a new constructor:
DocumentImpl(Connection, String, boolean)
where the boolean value is used to determine if the nodeset should be
read a t the time the cosntructor is called. if false, then...

799 07/19/2001 02:20 AM Matt Jones

Completely removed the socket-server feature that used to provide
file upload. It is now replaced by multipart/form-data over http.

798 07/19/2001 01:52 AM Matt Jones

Modified Metacat to support large data file uploads. This is accomplished
by supporting a new content type for data sent to metacat:
which allows multiple files to be sent in a standard MIME format. The
MetacatServlet.handleGetOrPost() method now checks the incoming content...

797 07/17/2001 07:58 PM bojilova

Simplified ReplicationHandler:
It is run now in the same thread started from DBSAXHandler;
thus the same connection opened in that thread is used,
i.e. no need for new connection and no complains as "Connection is closed" in ReplicationHandler;
"Connection is closed" error happens when in the current thread there are try to use connection opened in another thread,...

795 07/17/2001 09:20 AM bojilova

support for the new terms included in pathquery.dtd

793 07/16/2001 12:32 PM bojilova
Included utility function about gettig the latest docid for a user:
Metacat parameters: