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Revision 871

Added by Matt Jones over 21 years ago

Modified AuthLdap to fix the may problems associated with group and user
queries. Now the getGroups() and getUsers() methods work as advertised,
and there is a test of each of the methods in "main" for testing purposes.
Simplified the class substantially. Fixed the getAttributes method as
well. The getSubtree and getPrincipals methods have yet to be tested and
I suspect that they do not work (but we'll see). Also need to check
if "getIdentifyingName() works properly.

The problems were all associated with not setting the ldapBase correctly in
the context. The getAttributes method also incorrectly overwrote the ldapBase
and was messing up session management. I think all of the ldapBase issues
are now resolved (except in the methods that I did not check, listed above.

Now we should be able to check if group-based authentication works for

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