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# Date Author Comment
9969 09/12/2016 09:44 PM Jing Tao

Change the debug level from debug to trace.

9964 09/09/2016 10:35 PM Jing Tao

Change some debug statments from debug to trace.

9962 09/09/2016 10:13 PM Jing Tao

Change the debug level from debug to trace.

9960 09/09/2016 09:58 PM Jing Tao

Down the debug level from debug to trace.

9958 09/09/2016 09:37 PM Jing Tao

Removed a unused parameter - formatId from method writeReplication.

9956 09/09/2016 09:17 PM Jing Tao

Add the feature to support the noNamespaceSchemalLocation and refactory the code.

9953 09/09/2016 05:30 PM Jing Tao

Add the code to throw an exception to tell users that the namespace or format id was not registered in Metacat.

9948 09/09/2016 03:14 PM Jing Tao

Add the methods to figure out the schema location base on namespace, format id or no-namespace-schema-location uri.

9946 09/09/2016 01:56 PM Jing Tao

Add a new constant for no-namespace schemas.

9944 09/09/2016 11:39 AM Jing Tao

Add a method to get the type.

9943 09/09/2016 11:38 AM Jing Tao

Add a method to get the type of the schema.

9940 09/09/2016 10:30 AM Jing Tao

Add a new class represent a schema without a namespace.

9930 09/08/2016 11:06 AM Jing Tao

Add a SAX parser to determine the namespace of a xml object. It only parses the root element, then stops.

9918 09/06/2016 03:43 PM Jing Tao

Disable the feature of downloading external schemas.

9916 09/02/2016 06:20 PM Jing Tao

Change the log information a little bit.

9913 09/02/2016 05:44 PM Jing Tao

use the new rules to validate an xml object base on dtds.

9900 08/24/2016 09:45 AM Jing Tao

Every time when we modified the file through the PropertyService, the Setting class will be updated as well. Otherwise, the values on the Setting class are still the old one.

9880 08/11/2016 11:24 AM Jing Tao

Added the double quotes on the file name of the http header "content-deposition". This can handle the special characters on the file name.

9872 07/25/2016 11:41 AM ben leinfelder

handle redirecting Metacat "shortcut" URLs when docid is given with and without revision.

9833 07/06/2016 04:52 PM Jing Tao

Replaced the JiBXException by MarshallingException.

9823 06/13/2016 03:55 PM Jing Tao

Add the code to upgrade the solr schema.

9819 06/13/2016 12:00 PM Jing Tao

Add the check objectFormat is not null before we try to get the mediaType object from the object in the getObject method.

9815 06/06/2016 04:51 PM Jing Tao

Don't need to add "." for file name between the identifier and file extention in the getObject method.
The v1 getExtension method includes '.'. But the v2 version doesn't include it.

9809 05/25/2016 12:18 PM Jing Tao

Use the method getContextURL rather than getSecureContextURL in the getCapacities method.
So if the server doesn't support sll, the getCapacities will return a baseURL with http.

9783 05/18/2016 01:56 PM ben leinfelder

correct two minor differences from 2.6 merge: formatId parameter for MetacatHandler and using AuthUtils for gathering group membership information.

9781 05/18/2016 09:23 AM Chris Jones

Merge in changes from the 2.6.0 release.

9780 05/18/2016 09:01 AM Chris Jones

Merge changes from the 2.6.0 release.

9779 05/17/2016 11:11 AM ben leinfelder

merge from 2.6 branch: add support for EML 2.1.1 to DC crosswalking for OAI provider.

9721 05/06/2016 09:52 PM Jing Tao

If the client certificate is null, Metacat will throw an exception.

9709 05/02/2016 11:35 AM ben leinfelder

merge from 2.6 branch: use AuthUtils to gather user group subjects

9706 05/02/2016 09:51 AM ben leinfelder

merge to trunk from 2.6 branch: action=validatesession can handle Authorization token

9705 05/02/2016 09:50 AM ben leinfelder

merge to trunk: debugging statements that were added in 2.6 branch

9700 04/30/2016 12:53 PM Chris Jones

Merge changes from the 2.6.0 branch in MNodeService.allowUpdating() so it honors the localhost MN certificate.


9690 04/27/2016 12:14 PM ben leinfelder

merge from 2.6 branch: use AuthUtils to get group and equivalent identities rather than manually try to extract groups from subject info (can include incorrect groups for given primary subject).

9688 04/27/2016 11:56 AM ben leinfelder

merge from 2.6 branch: use group subject (not name) when translating Session.subjectInfo into group list for Metacat's DocumentImpl.

9683 04/22/2016 02:25 PM Jing Tao

Add more information on the error message if the client's certificate is not trusted.

9673 04/21/2016 08:21 AM Chris Jones

Merge the changes from the 2.6 branch into the trunk, fixing filename construction.


9654 04/12/2016 08:07 AM ben leinfelder

merge from 2.6 branch: add support for EML 2.1.1 in OAI-PMH provider.

9638 04/04/2016 03:55 PM Jing Tao

Fixed a bug to use an identifier object to get a value in a vector.

9637 04/04/2016 01:55 PM Jing Tao

Check the chain end if obsoleted by another object.
See ticket

9634 04/01/2016 03:50 PM Jing Tao

Use sql command to get some information rather than hazelcast.

9629 04/01/2016 02:51 PM Jing Tao

Use a hashmap to replace a sql query to improve performance in the getHeadPID method.

9628 04/01/2016 01:37 PM Jing Tao

In the getHeadPID method, we got the field obsoletedBy from the systemmetadata table rather than the hazelcast service.

9601 03/30/2016 09:32 AM Jing Tao

Reformat the create and update method.

9600 03/30/2016 09:19 AM Jing Tao

Close the input stream on the create/update method when the code aborts.

9599 03/29/2016 02:01 PM Jing Tao

Close the the input stream from the method parameter in the create method.

9596 03/28/2016 04:46 PM Jing Tao

Made the ssl http client not moinitor the stale connections.

9594 03/28/2016 02:53 PM Jing Tao

Use the new AutoCloseInputStream wrapper for replication. It will close but http client and input stream when the inputStream.close method is called.

9583 03/23/2016 03:57 PM Jing Tao

If a format id in the system metadata is registered in the xml_catalog table, we will use the schema location for the format id to validate the xml instance;
otherwise, we will use our previous way.

9544 03/07/2016 01:32 PM Jing Tao

Close the input stream object on the MN.replicate method.

9542 03/04/2016 11:06 AM ben leinfelder

use SM.fileName if we have it.

9541 03/04/2016 10:31 AM ben leinfelder

ensure there is a file extension included for the data files in a package download.

9538 02/29/2016 10:54 AM Jing Tao

Add code to print the the stack trace on the getPackage method in order to help us to identity some tmp file issues.

9534 02/25/2016 04:29 PM Chris Jones

Also handle authentication tokens when uploading data (action=upload) by using Ben's RequestUtil.getSessionData() changes.


9523 02/19/2016 12:32 PM Jing Tao

In the isScienceMetacata method, the ServiceFailure exception shouldn't be caught anymore, since the code doesn't throw it.

9520 02/09/2016 05:14 PM ben leinfelder

allow Metacat API calls to be made by clients providing their identity with a DataONE auth token.

9500 01/22/2016 03:46 PM Jing Tao

Add the java code to handle the ezid configuration.

9494 01/20/2016 11:17 AM Jing Tao

Put a detal code on the InvalidRequest exception in the getPackage method.

9493 01/20/2016 09:59 AM Jing Tao

If the pid it is a package id in the getPackage method, the method will throw an InvalidRequest exception.

9492 01/15/2016 05:17 PM Jing Tao

Make sure to close the prepared statement on the final statement.

9491 01/15/2016 11:57 AM Jing Tao

Close the result and connection in the finally clause to make sure they being closed.

9490 01/14/2016 01:28 PM ben leinfelder

add warning when exception encountered loading SM into map.

9489 01/13/2016 01:05 PM Jing Tao

Add the dataone create event mapping to the select clause.

9488 01/12/2016 03:48 PM Jing Tao

map the metacat log event INSERT, upload and UPLOAD to the dataone log event "create"

9486 01/12/2016 10:22 AM ben leinfelder

set authoritative MN to origin MN if the client did not set it on mn.create.

9484 01/11/2016 10:03 AM ben leinfelder

include metacat context in the redirect after successful harvester registration login.

9482 01/06/2016 05:28 PM Jing Tao

Use the "order by" to preserve the nodes order in the replication policy.

9481 01/05/2016 02:06 PM Jing Tao

Use the ServiceFailure to replace the InvalidRequest when it is the read-only mode (CN throws the exception).

9480 01/05/2016 09:42 AM Jing Tao

In the replicate method, the checking of the read-only mode was moved from MNodeService class to the MNResourceHandler class since it is asynchronized.

9479 01/04/2016 05:23 PM Jing Tao

The systemmetadataChanged method is asynchronized, so we put the read-only checking on the ResourceHandler class.

9478 01/04/2016 03:09 PM Jing Tao

Add the code to check if the mn is on the read-only mode.

9477 12/29/2015 12:58 PM Jing Tao

Add the code to check if the metacat is in the read-only mode.

9475 12/28/2015 03:19 PM Jing Tao

Add the code to handle the read-only mode.

9473 12/23/2015 01:33 PM Jing Tao

Add a class to determine if the metacat is in the readonly mode.

9470 12/22/2015 05:02 PM Jing Tao

Add the check that only the administrator can shrink the connection pool.

9465 12/18/2015 03:40 PM Jing Tao

Close the sql statements on the four methods - getGUID, getHeadPID, systemMetadataSIDExist and systemMetadataPIDExist.

9463 12/18/2015 03:14 PM Jing Tao

Close some prepared sql statement in the summarize method.

9455 12/16/2015 02:58 PM ben leinfelder

merge from branch: only check for d1 rightsholder when checking permissions in original metacat code base, otherwise legacy access control tests in metcat begin to fail.

9452 12/16/2015 09:58 AM ben leinfelder

include check for d1 rightsholder when checking permissions in original metacat code base.

9443 12/09/2015 07:59 AM ben leinfelder

merge from 2.5.x branch: neglected to replace solr schema during 2.5.0 upgrade - this will do it for 2.5.1.

9441 12/08/2015 04:49 PM Jing Tao

Escape the user names, group name and other information in the xml format.

9437 12/07/2015 02:06 PM Jing Tao

Add the keyword "select" into the list.

9422 11/18/2015 09:56 PM ben leinfelder

remove "al" prefix from subquery since we are only querying one table and do not need to use a prefix.

9410 11/17/2015 03:41 PM ben leinfelder

merge from 2.5 branch: use subquery to do paging before joining to identifier table.

9408 11/16/2015 04:51 PM Jing Tao

Add more statement to debug the query performance.

9391 11/03/2015 02:36 PM ben leinfelder

Use conditional method for retrieving server URL (http vs https). When metacat is configured to force SSL communication we get the https url, otherwise we get http. this allows us to use the DBTransform on localhosts that are not using SSL.

9389 11/03/2015 11:27 AM Jing Tao

Fixed a bug that the publish method should throw an io exception.

9387 11/02/2015 04:44 PM Lauren Walker

Move the editScienceMetadata method to the MNodeService class - only update packageId in EML on publish()

9385 10/29/2015 06:59 PM Jing Tao

Fixed a bug in the condition check for the archive field in the updateSystemMetadata method.

9384 10/29/2015 04:00 PM Jing Tao

The archived field can't be reset to false if it is true in the systemMetadataChanged method.

9383 10/29/2015 03:56 PM Jing Tao

Doesn't allow to reset the archived field to be false if the field is true in the updateSystemMetadata method.

9382 10/28/2015 11:14 AM Jing Tao

In the systemMetadataChanged method, we will update system metadata when the local serial version is less than or equals the comming one.

9380 10/27/2015 03:42 PM rnahf

refs #7453: modified the metacatLog message from mn.synchronizationFailed to include the syncFailed.message field. Also increased the log level to WARN.

9376 10/22/2015 12:15 PM Jing Tao

Remove the method editScienceMetadata from the update method. This method will add a packageId attribute into the eml document. Lauren will add the method to the publish method.

9375 10/21/2015 04:52 PM Jing Tao

In the systemMetadataChanged method, the object will be archived if the new archive value is true and old value is false.
The log event is recorded in the systemMetadataChanged method as well.

9374 10/21/2015 03:31 PM Jing Tao

Make the isAuthoritativeNode throw exception if some value is null.

9373 10/20/2015 04:11 PM Jing Tao

In the updateSystemMetadata method, we avoid to log the event twice for archive=true.

9371 10/20/2015 02:34 PM Jing Tao

In the setReplicationStatus method, it only notified the replicas when the status is completed. Now we added the status - failed and invalid.

9370 10/20/2015 11:16 AM ben leinfelder

use idFilter for v2 getLogRecords() to match v2 API definition.

9367 10/14/2015 01:15 PM rnahf

refs #7419: refactored CNodeService implementations to not throw IdentifierNotUnique for hasReservation.