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5366 05/18/2010 03:44 PM berkley

finished the crud part of listObjects. need to implement it in the rest interface now.

5362 05/17/2010 04:31 PM berkley

listObjects is almost working. need to get the result set parsed when returned to CrudService.

5359 05/17/2010 11:50 AM berkley

setting up the framework for the listObjects api call

5352 05/12/2010 10:55 AM berkley

removed system.outs

5351 05/12/2010 10:42 AM berkley

update works. it was the test that was faulty. all working now

5350 05/11/2010 04:49 PM berkley

amost have update working. still need to get unit test squared away.

5349 05/11/2010 11:34 AM berkley

removed old method that didn't do anything

5348 05/11/2010 11:32 AM berkley

added exception testing to the crud test

5346 05/10/2010 04:36 PM berkley

getSystemMetadata is now working. added unit test as well.

5344 05/10/2010 04:18 PM berkley

getting getSystemMetadata to work

5343 05/10/2010 02:59 PM berkley

adding test for getSystemMetadata. a bit of refactoring.

5342 05/10/2010 02:57 PM berkley

adding test for getSystemMetadata. a bit of refactoring.

5341 05/10/2010 02:54 PM berkley

adding test for getSystemMetadata. a bit of refactoring.

5340 05/10/2010 01:15 PM berkley

refactored XMLSchemaService to not have static methods. made the CrudServiceTest more robust.

5337 05/07/2010 03:15 PM berkley

removed CrudService dependency on servlet params. CrudService is now a singleton. I'm getting an error from metacat saying it can't find teh systemmetadata schema, even though it is, in fact, registered with metacat. need to identify why this is happening.

5335 05/03/2010 05:23 PM berkley

added a test for CrudService and added tests for IdentifierManager for each method

5317 04/15/2010 09:47 AM daigle

Add a debug statement to show existing doc id

5311 04/14/2010 11:31 AM daigle

Merge 1.9.2 changes back into the trunk

5291 03/22/2010 08:55 PM Matt Jones

Refactored putObject method to separate the create() and update() portions in order to match the method signatures needed for DataONE.

5287 03/18/2010 04:02 AM Matt Jones

Modified ResourceHandler.deleteObject() to take a globally unique id (guid)
as input rather than a metacat-conformant docid. The guid is translated
into a metacat docid which is then used in the handleDelete() call. So now
Metacat supports use of arbitrary identifiers for delete operations, but...

5286 03/18/2010 03:11 AM Matt Jones

Added support to ResourceHandler to allow the putObject method to use
arbitrary guid strings as input. These strings are examined, and if they
match the Metacat docid format (, they are used directly. If
the id is a string in another format, a new localId is generated based on...

5284 03/17/2010 11:27 PM Matt Jones

Updated MetacatRestClientTest so that the tests are actually calling fail()
when errors occur, and fixed all sixteen tests so that they run successfully
and can be run from any client (i.e., they don't depend on particular
documents being present in Metacat). The 'restfiles' directory can probably ...

5282 03/17/2010 06:54 PM Matt Jones

Added initial support for arbitrary string identifiers in metacat (referred to as a guid). The new identifier table is used to map arbitrary string identifiers to Metacat's current docid format (referred to as the localId). Added a new IdentifierManager class to manage this table, adding new mappings as objects are added to the system. Modified the MetacatTest service to utilize this mapping table to look up a localId from a guid. IdentiferManagerTest is working with these guids now, as is the MetacatTest service get() method, but other parts of the system are unaware of them (e.g., create, update, delete operations are unaware, and no mapping is created when new documents are created). As a consequence, the MetacatRestClientTest is not working (although it also had lots of hardcoded dependencies that need to be fixed as well).

5211 02/03/2010 06:58 PM Matt Jones

Merging in REST interface implementation that was created by Serhan Akin. Main change is
a refactored class, in which all of the handle* methods were moved
into a separate class. This allows both the standard MetaCatServlet...

5206 02/03/2010 01:14 PM daigle

add delay in insertSpatialDocs test to avoid buildIndex conflict

5139 11/24/2009 12:28 PM daigle

Fix errors in workflow scheduler unit test

5114 11/09/2009 08:51 AM daigle

Beef up comments

5113 11/06/2009 02:48 PM daigle

add method to read test file from disk

5111 11/06/2009 02:47 PM daigle

Add access api test and supporting files

5110 11/06/2009 02:46 PM daigle

handle ben's change to the metacat client read api because it returns inputstream now

5046 08/27/2009 12:04 PM daigle

Create workflow scheduler test.

5035 08/24/2009 02:42 PM daigle

Change location of PropertyService to properties directory

5027 08/14/2009 02:26 PM daigle

Change MetaCatVersion to MetacatVersion

5016 08/06/2009 10:59 AM daigle

Fix references to db classes that were moved and refactoring missed.

5003 07/30/2009 10:14 AM daigle

Remove unneeded exception handling

4999 07/27/2009 02:47 PM Duane Costa

Implement fix for Bug #4245: Harvester command line scripts don't execute.

4862 03/25/2009 02:41 PM daigle

Handle UtilException

4816 02/23/2009 11:29 AM daigle

Remove initialization of MetacatUtil.buildIndexPaths in test files. This is taken care of in the background now using SystemUtil.getIndexPaths()

4735 01/08/2009 09:48 AM daigle

The test was failing because it was reading the sitemap file into a buffer and the limit was being reached. Used the FileUtil string reader to get the file.

4719 12/26/2008 04:33 PM daigle

Create a propertyService.getTestInstance method to facilitate unit tests

4701 12/26/2008 01:11 PM daigle

Renamed MetaCatUtil to MetacatUtil

4700 12/26/2008 01:10 PM daigle

Renamed MetaCatUtil to MetacatUtil

4680 12/17/2008 02:18 PM daigle

Added EML 2.1.0 test cases.

4679 12/17/2008 02:17 PM daigle

Change Inline to be inline in the test eml. Added debug statements.

4512 11/04/2008 04:06 PM daigle

Pulled common eml creation and metacat client methods into the MCTestCase base class. Eventually, all test cases should use these common methods.

4510 11/04/2008 04:03 PM daigle

Insert documents with different permissions and make sure only the publically readable ones get pulled into the sitemap file.

4509 11/04/2008 04:02 PM daigle

Change getAccessBlock from private to protected so it can override the MCTestCase version

4508 11/04/2008 04:01 PM daigle

Stripped out common eml document creation elements and put into the MCTestCase base class

4504 11/03/2008 11:07 AM daigle

Add debug statements at the beginning of every test module.

4503 11/03/2008 11:06 AM daigle

Change info log messages to be debug.

4478 10/22/2008 10:18 AM daigle

Add EML 2.1.0 access scenarios

4477 10/21/2008 03:32 PM daigle

Add test cases for EML 2.1.0 documents. Add some generics typing.

4476 10/21/2008 03:32 PM daigle

Add test cases for EML 2.1.0 documents. Add some generics typing.

4445 10/10/2008 05:15 PM daigle

New test case to test xml schema registration.

4444 10/10/2008 05:15 PM daigle

Add common test case db select, query and update methods. Add http post method.

4417 10/02/2008 02:48 PM daigle

Added debug statements that tell which subtest is being run.

4407 09/29/2008 11:15 AM daigle

Delete test document after test is through.

4385 09/24/2008 11:28 AM daigle

Convert remainder of tests that use PropertyService to extend the MCTestCase class

4384 09/24/2008 11:28 AM daigle

Convert remainder of tests that use PropertyService to extend the MCTestCase class

4382 09/24/2008 09:37 AM daigle

Have test cases read properties from configured file.

4360 09/19/2008 08:31 AM daigle

Add debug statements

4356 09/16/2008 01:39 PM daigle

Increase test cases to include testing read action which reads file from disk and squery which reads from db. Create separate cases for eml 2.0.1 and 2.1.0

4355 09/16/2008 01:38 PM daigle

Move common constants into MCTestCase base class

4339 09/03/2008 09:08 AM daigle

Add more debug statements

4338 09/03/2008 09:08 AM daigle

Add more debug statements

4337 09/03/2008 09:07 AM daigle

Make sure DatabaseService gets instantiated

4333 08/28/2008 01:28 PM daigle

Add test cases for eml 2.1.0 documents

4303 08/22/2008 04:29 PM daigle

Add debug statements

4302 08/22/2008 04:28 PM daigle

Add more PropertyService tests

4301 08/22/2008 04:27 PM daigle

Convert class to extend MCTestCase. Add debug statements.

4300 08/22/2008 04:26 PM daigle

Make debug method static

4231 08/13/2008 08:59 AM daigle

Convert properties to camel case

4213 08/05/2008 05:50 PM daigle

qualify xml and eml properties with an xml. prefix

4212 08/05/2008 05:33 PM daigle

Continue to qualify property names

4209 08/05/2008 04:44 PM daigle

Initial addition of PropertyService test.

4172 07/28/2008 05:04 PM daigle

Qualify harvester properties

4151 07/22/2008 09:21 AM daigle

Add debug statements

4150 07/22/2008 09:20 AM daigle

Extend TestCase. Fix accountnum property getter.

4149 07/22/2008 09:19 AM daigle

Extend MCTestCase

4148 07/22/2008 09:18 AM daigle

Add empty constructor

4146 07/18/2008 10:06 AM daigle

Add verbose debug statements. These are toggled by the test.printdebug property in

4145 07/18/2008 10:02 AM daigle

Extend MCTestCase to handle initialization of PropertyService

4142 07/18/2008 09:33 AM daigle

Create TestCase base class that makes sure PropertyService is instantiated and implements a debug() method that allows us to print to stderr

4127 07/15/2008 10:16 AM daigle

Replace Options class with PropertyService and create PropertyService using log directory name instead of servlet context

4126 07/15/2008 10:16 AM daigle

Use qualified test properties

4125 07/15/2008 10:11 AM daigle

Replace Options class with PropertyService

4080 07/06/2008 09:25 PM daigle

Merge 1.9 changes into Head

3879 05/16/2008 11:22 AM Jing Tao

Check into cvs head. Modify some query string.

3875 05/15/2008 06:25 PM Jing Tao

Check into cvs head. Add initialize option statment at the beginging of the class.

3873 05/15/2008 05:43 PM Jing Tao

Check into cvs head. Add the statement to initialize option.

3870 05/15/2008 05:13 PM Jing Tao

Check into cvs head. Move the initialize option statement to the begining of class.

3868 05/15/2008 04:59 PM Jing Tao

Checkinto cvs head.Move the initialize option statement to the begining of class, since user name is using getting option.

3815 05/01/2008 04:10 PM Jing Tao

Fixed syntax error: no ; at an end of import statement.

3780 04/02/2008 04:28 PM daigle

Changes to remove ANT tokens for the turnkey install project

3779 04/02/2008 03:21 PM Jing Tao

Add code to test upload same identifier twice.

3760 03/06/2008 04:57 PM Jing Tao

Remove commented test case.

3756 03/03/2008 06:17 PM Jing Tao

Modified the test for nonlationcharacter.

3748 02/28/2008 02:31 PM Jing Tao

Add a junit test for test AuthLdap. Currently we have getPrincipals test.

3696 01/28/2008 11:10 AM Jing Tao

Add method to handle origianl data file error in IPCC eml document

3694 01/24/2008 06:40 PM Jing Tao

Modify this class in order to correct data file name in some IPCC eml documents