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# Date Author Comment
872 11/21/2001 06:10 PM Matt Jones

Re-enabled referrals which I had turned off for debugging purposes.

871 11/21/2001 06:09 PM Matt Jones

Modified AuthLdap to fix the may problems associated with group and user
queries. Now the getGroups() and getUsers() methods work as advertised,
and there is a test of each of the methods in "main" for testing purposes.
Simplified the class substantially. Fixed the getAttributes method as...

870 11/20/2001 08:10 AM berkley

fixed error where person with 'all' permission could not update the access file.

869 11/20/2001 08:10 AM berkley

fixed error where person with 'all' permission could not update the access file.

868 11/14/2001 01:33 PM berkley

fixed referral catching mechanism in authLdap.ldapAuthenticate() so that it will refer through a bunch of linked servers instead of just one....I still haven't figured out why the getGroups method wont work.

867 11/01/2001 02:29 PM berkley

fixed the error where the ldap authenticate took 15 seconds to execute

866 10/31/2001 11:06 AM berkley

I think i have fixed the ldap referral bug. the test lter account that david made for me works, however I would like matt or someone more knowedgeable with ldap to please check my code. the changes I made are around line 200 of AuthLdap. I put a comment in the source where the code needs to be checked.

865 10/25/2001 05:18 PM Matt Jones

Fix for bug #309 so that Metacat will now follow LDAP referrals. Previously
the default was to ignore referrals. Now we explictly set the JNDI
Context.REFERRAL value to the value in the metacat.propert "referral".
The file has been modified to add the "referral" property,...

864 10/25/2001 10:55 AM berkley

updated web.xml file for the download servlet

862 10/24/2001 10:53 AM berkley

added new permission 'changepermission' and made 'all' inclusive for all permissions

861 10/22/2001 07:33 PM Matt Jones

README and build changes in preparation for the 1.0.0 release of Metacat.
The files contributing to this release are being tagged in CVS as

860 10/22/2001 05:19 PM Matt Jones

Updated the knb.xml configuration to use the new public IDs associated with
eml beta 4.

859 10/22/2001 04:06 PM berkley

fixed access control bug. the character data in the sax parser was not getting trimmed and causing problems. also fixed hard coded eml-dataset public id in the web index file

858 10/22/2001 04:01 PM Matt Jones

Added new beta5 version of eml-software dtd, and added to catalog.

857 10/22/2001 02:46 PM berkley

added new docid to returndoc for web form

856 10/22/2001 11:00 AM berkley

changed package and access file doctype

855 10/22/2001 10:53 AM berkley

took out hard coded paths for style dirs

854 10/22/2001 10:32 AM berkley

removed the stylesheet sql script since we don't need it anymore

853 10/22/2001 09:46 AM Matt Jones

Added new DTD files for the new release of EML. Changed the naming
convention for all new DTDs, so the public IDs are now consistently

852 10/21/2001 05:51 PM Matt Jones

Updated metacat login semantics. Now, metacat assumes the username passed
in is the 'full' distinguished name of the user. If that fails, then
instead it tries looking up the string and seeing if it can determine
what the DN is, then uses it. The preferred method of logging in via...

851 10/21/2001 04:07 PM Matt Jones

New version of the IE5 stylesheet that is XSLT 1.0 compliant.

850 10/19/2001 07:47 PM Matt Jones

CHanged style-set handling for case when a stylesheet for a specific
doctype has not been registered. Now we are using a simple "ascii tree"
view of the XML document. I'm hoping we can get a nicer generic display
set up over the long run, but for now this handles the basics.

849 10/19/2001 04:48 PM Matt Jones

Removed all DTDs from the metacat module in anticipation of getting
them from the standard "mdstandards/eml" module. This will mean
that an update to the build script is necessary in order to copy and rename
the dtds from the eml module.

848 10/19/2001 04:44 PM Matt Jones

Updated build.xml and README for a Beta 3 release. This is a temporary
release until the full Release 1.0 is produced next week.

847 10/19/2001 02:50 PM Matt Jones

Fixed the function to return the max id for a given scope. Now the function
takes a parameter named 'scope' and returns the largest docid that has been
used under that scope in this metacat instance (it used to return the most
recently created docid, which is clearly different). For compatibility with...

846 10/19/2001 10:34 AM berkley

fixed bug where the whole filename of a data file was not appended to the file input stream so metacat just returned a null document

845 10/18/2001 04:57 PM Matt Jones

Fixed problem with metacat handleReadAction where the OutputStream from the
response object was closed and an attempt to reopen a PrintWriter was made
on the same response, which is illegal. Now the OutputStream is converted
to a PrintWriter in order to write the XML error message back to the client....

844 10/18/2001 11:13 AM berkley

default css stylesheet so that metacat will look right

843 10/18/2001 10:40 AM berkley

removed errant comment that was causing an error in the xml_documents table

842 10/02/2001 11:51 AM bojilova

fixed to get groupnames for a user using any identifying name

841 10/01/2001 09:18 AM bojilova

added insert statement for eml-attribute-2.0.dtd entry in xml_catalog

840 09/24/2001 10:55 AM bojilova

for action=servercontrol&subaction=add
added function for downloading of the certificate file
from the specified URL of the source server
and uploading it onto this server

839 09/24/2001 10:52 AM bojilova

added input box in replMain web page for downloading of the certificate file
from the specified URL of the source server
added new metacat property "certPath" for uploading the certificate file onto destination server

838 09/20/2001 01:36 PM bojilova

server property is used in replication thus
it should include the SSL port number

837 09/20/2001 01:14 PM bojilova

changes in replication to use https

836 09/17/2001 12:51 PM bojilova

fix around one way replication:
when server A sends document to the servers in its list of replication servers with replicate=1 in xml_replication table,
the server B received the document does NOT need the opposite check on its end.

835 09/17/2001 10:57 AM bojilova

fixed error:
writing on the replication server required the whole acc# (including the rev#)

834 09/17/2001 10:01 AM Matt Jones

Fixed bug in metacat where an Exception was thrown when a search returned
an empty resultset. Now we avoid the function call that threw the exeption.

833 09/14/2001 05:37 PM Matt Jones

Minor bug fixes following change in style handling. Fixed image locations,
cleaned up main resultset stylesheet.

832 09/14/2001 04:00 PM Matt Jones

Added support for multiple user interfaces by enabling style sheet
transformations to be configured from within metacat rather than
from in the database. Now, metacat uses the qformat parameter to determine
a "style set", which is mapped to an xml configuration file that...

831 09/14/2001 11:59 AM bojilova

small fix to enable resolving external entities included in the DTD;
external entities are now resolved successfully by DBEntityResolver using the specified system ids
and thus there no need of registering the relative system ids,
This is because EntityResolver uses its internal implementation to map the relative system ids to the...

830 09/13/2001 10:28 PM Matt Jones

Removed the requirement that the relationship for ACL associations be
"isRelatedTo". Now the relationship in the triple can be anything, like
"describes access control rules for". This doesn't affect the ACL
processing because it is based on the ACL document type, not the...

829 09/13/2001 07:26 PM Matt Jones

More fully completed the eml-dataset XSLT stylesheet for translating
into HTML format. Now more of the relevant fields are completed, and
the coverages are shown. Still need to systematically address every
field that could be present, but I hit the major ones.

828 09/13/2001 04:22 PM Matt Jones

Added new filter for style-path

827 09/13/2001 04:22 PM Matt Jones

Modified metacat stylesheets to now use a "style-path" filter for setting
the path to XSL and CSS style sheets. this allows the style
location to be configured independently of the main web url for metacat

826 09/12/2001 02:49 PM bojilova

changes to store namespace prefixes separately from the local names of nodes (elements and attributes)
in xml_nodes.nodeprefix column

825 09/12/2001 02:46 PM bojilova

added nodeprefix column to xml_nodes table for storing of namespace prefixes per nodes

824 09/12/2001 11:19 AM Matt Jones

Updated index page to launch proper initial query.

823 09/10/2001 06:38 PM Matt Jones

Updated stylesheet to reflect the new eml2 schema.

822 08/16/2001 10:48 AM Matt Jones

Revised build.xml and to make it easier to
install alternative stylesheets for metacat. In the process,
replaced the deprecated copydir and copyfile commands in build.xml
with appropriate "copy" commands.

821 08/15/2001 01:38 PM bojilova

added support for Namespaces.
Metacat now can store and retrieve XML documents with Namespaces.
Namespace is stored as separate record in xml_nodes table with type "NAMESPACE"
where nodename is the prefix and nodedata is the uri of the namespace.

820 08/08/2001 05:07 PM bojilova

fixed an error of NullPointerException

819 08/08/2001 12:56 PM bojilova

- when the Access file goes first before the Package file (eml-dataset-2.0)
relations are not available in xml_relation, thus updated the code
to check and run ACL also after the Package file is saved.
- cut out the rev# from subject and object in xml_relation as needed by ACL...

818 08/02/2001 10:29 AM berkley

fixed error with out of cursors error because pstmts were not getting closed in DBQuery

816 07/31/2001 11:30 PM Matt Jones

Updated build file to resotre changes that were lost when version
1.54 was committed.

815 07/31/2001 07:34 PM bojilova

look for relationship "isRelatedTo" b' that is the word that is used in the triples

814 07/31/2001 07:17 PM Matt Jones

Fixed returndoctype param.

813 07/31/2001 06:59 PM Matt Jones

Updated stylesheet to use new package returndoc type for searches

812 07/31/2001 03:02 PM bojilova

updated with the new eml modules

811 07/31/2001 02:14 PM bojilova

changed web-base-url to

810 07/25/2001 09:01 AM berkley

made ant copy the dtds

809 07/25/2001 09:00 AM berkley

added new dtds

808 07/25/2001 08:57 AM berkley

dtds that have entities removed for morpho/metacat compatibility

807 07/23/2001 11:27 AM Matt Jones

Clean up after building distribution.

806 07/23/2001 11:15 AM Matt Jones

Updated build.xml with new targets to create metacat distributions.
Run "ant dist" to create a non-source distribution and "ant distsrc"
to create a source distribution. Best if this is run on a clean
checkout to be sure not to include extraneous files that are not in CVS.

805 07/23/2001 10:24 AM Matt Jones

Updated README file for the beta2 release. Added list of known issues,
which will need to be edited for the final release.

804 07/23/2001 09:28 AM bojilova

fixed the compilation bug about the change of group parameter in DocumentImpl.write()

803 07/20/2001 09:12 PM bojilova

changed accessdoctype=-//NCEAS//eml-access-2.0//EN
b' AccessControlList is changed to use eml-access-2.0.dtd already

802 07/20/2001 09:03 PM bojilova

added support for multiple group membership

801 07/20/2001 03:19 PM Matt Jones

Changed the constructors so that the nodeRecordList is automatically
retrieved by the DocumentImpl(Connection,String) constructor. this
restores its earlier behavior, but the implementation is totally
done by DocumentImpl(Connection,String,boolean).

800 07/20/2001 11:23 AM Matt Jones

Added fix to DocumentImpl that showed problems when the DocumentImpl(conn)
constructor was called. Now there is a new constructor:
DocumentImpl(Connection, String, boolean)
where the boolean value is used to determine if the nodeset should be
read a t the time the cosntructor is called. if false, then...

799 07/19/2001 02:20 AM Matt Jones

Completely removed the socket-server feature that used to provide
file upload. It is now replaced by multipart/form-data over http.

798 07/19/2001 01:52 AM Matt Jones

Modified Metacat to support large data file uploads. This is accomplished
by supporting a new content type for data sent to metacat:
which allows multiple files to be sent in a standard MIME format. The
MetacatServlet.handleGetOrPost() method now checks the incoming content...

797 07/17/2001 07:58 PM bojilova

Simplified ReplicationHandler:
It is run now in the same thread started from DBSAXHandler;
thus the same connection opened in that thread is used,
i.e. no need for new connection and no complains as "Connection is closed" in ReplicationHandler;
"Connection is closed" error happens when in the current thread there are try to use connection opened in another thread,...

796 07/17/2001 09:59 AM bojilova

tests made on Oracle and SQL Server.

795 07/17/2001 09:20 AM bojilova

support for the new terms included in pathquery.dtd

794 07/17/2001 09:19 AM bojilova

included new terms for searchmode:
equals (former matches-exactly)

793 07/16/2001 12:32 PM bojilova
Included utility function about gettig the latest docid for a user:
Metacat parameters:

792 07/13/2001 12:17 PM bojilova

don't need to override the old meta_file_id tags with docid without rev
since Morpho inserts docids before sending the docs to Metacat

791 07/06/2001 01:29 PM berkley

added the new software module

790 07/06/2001 11:58 AM bojilova

added constructor in DocumentImpl for use in DBQuery.findDocuments();
this new constructor is used with getDocumentInfo() to get the doc info only;
because the other constructor builds the whole xml doc which is not needed here and time consuming;
this happens on backtracking only.

789 07/06/2001 11:43 AM berkley

updated script with new eml20 dtds

788 07/05/2001 09:38 AM bojilova

fixed bug - hardcoded LDAP URL

787 07/02/2001 03:06 PM bojilova

made use of the new property for ldaps url;
it is used for secure connection to LDAP server listening on second port 636 by default with SSL sockets;
it is used from Metacat for the authetication process only;
all the rest communications with LDAP server are made on the default port 389 with plain sockets

786 07/02/2001 02:57 PM bojilova

new property for ldaps:// url for LDAP connection over SSL;
it is set on second port - by default 636;
for plain LDAP communications the default port 389 is used.

785 07/02/2001 11:24 AM bojilova

moved delete from xml_relation before delete from xml_documents
because of the parent-child relation b/w these 2 tables

783 06/21/2001 11:22 AM bojilova

cleared the text under the figure; should go in the Word text

782 06/21/2001 09:17 AM bojilova

EPS files saved as AdobeIllustrator v7.0

781 06/20/2001 04:19 PM bojilova

EPS file for the IC paper

780 06/12/2001 02:56 PM berkley

fixed error with exception handling in metacat servlet and added new dtds to the sql script

779 06/12/2001 10:15 AM bojilova

changes according to bug# 234 - metacat accession # handling, done

778 06/08/2001 12:10 PM bojilova

changed all mentions of DBAdapter to the new name AbstractDatabase

777 06/08/2001 12:02 PM bojilova

changed all mentions of DBAdapter to the new name AbstractDatabase

776 06/08/2001 11:44 AM bojilova

changed dbAdapter property to edu...OracleAdapter

775 06/08/2001 11:42 AM bojilova

rename the DB* classes to:

774 06/06/2001 01:50 PM bojilova

use the non-null function name from db adapter

773 06/06/2001 01:49 PM bojilova

included new function that returns db specific non-null function name

772 06/05/2001 12:24 PM bojilova

cleared the COLLATION specifiers on column definitions:
it is new in SQL Server 2000 and not supported in its earlier versions

771 06/04/2001 02:07 PM bojilova

excluded revisionid from the insert statement for xml_revisions.
It is identity column for SQL Server or filled by sequence for db as Oracle or Postgres

770 06/04/2001 01:47 PM bojilova

changed like with =