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  dbadapter 7440 over 11 years ben leinfelder add link for reference on how to do record limi...
  metacat 10098 over 7 years Jing Tao Add the version information in a log statement.
  protocols 3077 over 17 years Matt Jones Removed the @release@ ant token from all files ...
  shared 5015 almost 15 years daigle Create database and shared directories for data...

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10098 12/06/2016 04:36 PM Jing Tao

Add the version information in a log statement.

10087 12/05/2016 05:42 PM Jing Tao

Add the class to upgrade the solr schema.

10054 11/28/2016 11:40 AM Jing Tao

Add a smart test when we set the file name for the header of "content-deposition":
When the id doesn't end with the file extention, we set the file to be id+extension.

10050 11/28/2016 10:28 AM Jing Tao

To set the content-deposition header, the cn will look the file name in the system metadata first.

10047 11/22/2016 02:55 PM Matt Jones

Fix issue in getDefaultReplicationPolicy.

Previously, under some circumstances, a ReplicationPolicy was created but was missing the optional replicationAllowed and numReplicas attributes. These are critical to the policy, so ensure they are set to sensible defaults even when property parsing errors and other issues might skip them. Added a test of this method, but I note that other methods in SystemMetadataFactory do not have unit tests and should be added if they are modified.

10041 11/09/2016 05:26 PM Jing Tao

Use the "MNRead" to replace "MNStorage" to determine the version of the MN.

10030 10/26/2016 05:10 PM Jing Tao

Change an exception to more appropriate exception.

10029 10/24/2016 04:34 PM Jing Tao

Add more checks to avoid a null exception.

10027 10/24/2016 01:36 PM Jing Tao

Add more debug statement for deleting.

10021 10/19/2016 03:29 PM Jing Tao

Add some information about pid on the log statement.

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