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Revision 1956

Enabled stylesheet parameters to be passed through metacat even when the
'query' function is called. Previously, query would interpret all
parameters except a few hardcoded ones to be pathexpressions that should be
built into a squery. Now, contains a new configuration
parameter called "query.ignored.params" which is a comma separated list of
paramters that should be passed through DBQuery.createSQuery without being
interpreted as a path expression. This allows these additional paramters to
be used in stylesheets and other places (html files) to customize the L&F
of particular skins.

The feature was implemented in order to allow the 'enableediting' parameter
for resultset.xsl to be passed through metacat without altering the query.
This parameter, when set to true, causes an 'edit' and 'delete' button to be
included for each record in the resultset. These buttons call the registry
edit and delete functions for the OBFS and (later) NRS and other registries.

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