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Revision 2737

Added by Matt Jones over 18 years ago

Initial checkin of LSID support code for metacat. The LSID support here
provides access to metacat documents through an LSID identifier. The
identifier takes the form:

See for more details.

LSID build support has been added to and build.xml but
still needs work on integrating it with the main metacat build. Build
and deploy the "authority" servlet by setting properties in and then running "ant deploy-lsid".

Still to do: finish integrating with build, add ability to insert,
update, and delete documents using LSID id, allow read using LSID ID,
convert xslts to optionally display and link the LSID ID, and add
support for hosting multiple LSID authorities (Foreign Authority
Notification is the likely approach).

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