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Revision 2942

Factored out the search forms into javascript variables in a new
common-settings.jsp file which is referenced from the KNP skin. This
allows us to use the same form 3 times in different pages and makes
maintenance of the returndoctype and returnfield lists easier. The
common-settings.jsp can be shared across skins and so it will help us to
centralize the changes needed for FGDC support across all of the skins.
To do this, had to change the index page in the KNP skin from an HTML
document to JSP (index.jsp). Added a redirect for the index.jsp.

When merging code with Anderson's prior checkins to the index.html file,
found that he had replaced several ant tokens with hardcoded values for
nebulous -- I set these back to the ant tokens to get paths correct on
multiple installations. The new "map" seciton that anderson added still
has a hard-coded value pointing to nebulous which should be changed to
an ant token in the build asap.

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