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Revision 3148

As part of a patch fix for:
I've changed in three locations:

This patch modifies buildIndex(). Like the prior two patches, it changes
the pathsFound Vector to a HashMap. This hashmap associates nodeids, paths,
and the node data for each node being processed. The prior code at times
would incorrectly index ATTRIBUTE nodes, because it was not getting the node
data value from the correct location (in the same database tuple for ATTRIBUTEs,
as opposed to a child TEXT tuple for ELEMENTS.

I've changed buildIndex to now process ATTRIBUTE nodes and TEXT nodes, not
ELEMENT nodes. These are both leaf nodes, where the data values reside, not
ELEMENT nodes. The major change is that the parent (ELEMENT) nodes to TEXT nodes
are now traversed with traverseParents(), but the TEXT nodeData and nodeDataNumerical
are set in the parent's NodeRecord so that they will be indexed correctly.

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