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  metacat 388 almost 24 years Matt Jones Modified the DBReader and ElementNode classes t...

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388 08/21/2000 02:52 PM Matt Jones

Modified the DBReader and ElementNode classes to more efficiently read
documents from the database. In the old implementation, a db connection
was opened for each and every node in a document, recursively fromthe root
node. In the new implementation, all of the data from xml_nodes is...

385 08/18/2000 03:44 PM berkley

marineServlet now overrides the transformQuery() function to allow it to put the values back into the text boxes of the xsl stylesheet rendered form.

384 08/18/2000 03:41 PM berkley

-fixed the bug where a pathquery document was not valid inside of the <query> tags in a resultset document.
-provided override support for a new function called transformQuery() which allows specific applications to
customize what is returned in the <query> tag

383 08/18/2000 11:05 AM Matt Jones

Fixed small bug in transforming the document to HTML. If there was
no stylesheet for a given doctype, and so the transformation couldn't
occur, the XML doc was returned, but the content-type was still set
(incorrectly) to html. Now it is not set to text/html when an xml doc is...

382 08/18/2000 10:56 AM berkley

removed extraneous protected tags and replaced them with private tags

380 08/18/2000 10:38 AM Matt Jones

Modified behavior of handleSQuery() to now send the resultset document
back to the client application -- this was a bug introduced by recent
changes to the servlet. Also, generally cleaned up the servlet to
produce cleaner documentation and removed some extraneous code and remarks....

376 08/17/2000 03:21 PM berkley

changed to work with the new MetaCatServlet model. marineServlet now only overwrites one method in MetaCatServlet.

375 08/17/2000 03:20 PM berkley

changed the prototype of overwritable functions to "protected" instead of "private".

374 08/17/2000 11:06 AM bojilova

change the resultset format for DataGuide

373 08/17/2000 09:04 AM berkley

Changed the flow of query and SQuery. SQuery now only handles a preformatted pathquery document as input (in the "query" parameter).
HandleQuery now handles all structured queries derived by CGI parameters.

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