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  bin 4375 about 15 years daigle Export environment variables in tomcat startup ...
  docs 4367 about 15 years daigle Add application.tempDir to configuration form a...
  lib 4398 almost 15 years ben leinfelder add login feature for first. integrates with ex...
  src 4401 almost 15 years daigle Add schema locations for 2.1.0
  test 4385 almost 15 years daigle Convert remainder of tests that use PropertySer...
LICENSE 17.7 KB 666 over 22 years Matt Jones Modified the license and copyright terms for ma...
README 23.8 KB 3955 over 15 years Jing Tao Checked it into cvs head. Add a note to address... 5.47 KB 4324 about 15 years daigle change install ecogrid option to true by default 1.03 KB 670 over 22 years Matt Jones Updated build files with minor documentation ch...
build.xml 56.6 KB 4382 almost 15 years daigle Have test cases read properties from configured...

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4401 09/26/2008 05:28 PM daigle

Add schema locations for 2.1.0

4400 09/26/2008 05:27 PM daigle

Handle ignoring oracle errors when we try to delete an object that doesn't exist. Also, add parsing for sql script with pl/sql.

4399 09/26/2008 03:43 PM ben leinfelder

adding document "cart" feature to metacat. will not be highly published as a feature until well-vetted.

4398 09/26/2008 03:10 PM ben leinfelder

add login feature for first. integrates with existing metacat-skin-based login approach.
only show cart for authenticated users.

4397 09/26/2008 03:01 PM ben leinfelder

add logout link.
do not search for cart documents if the cart is empty.

4396 09/26/2008 10:47 AM walbridge

minor fix

4395 09/26/2008 10:46 AM walbridge

Change unaffliated to match the LDAP name

4394 09/26/2008 10:28 AM walbridge

Further rework on ldapweb.cgi for 1.9 compatibility. Finished changes needed to have skinnable presentation for ldapweb.cgi, and reworked the organization logic to be compatible with our current method of storing the data (organization.* within

4393 09/25/2008 04:11 PM ben leinfelder

add spinner for long searches

4392 09/25/2008 04:10 PM ben leinfelder

highlight the cart contents on reload

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