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  ucsb 446 over 22 years bojilova fix for "public" authentication

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446 09/13/2000 01:07 PM bojilova

fix for "public" authentication

444 09/12/2000 12:42 PM berkley

removed print statments

443 09/12/2000 12:28 PM berkley

fixed xml tag error in squer

442 09/12/2000 11:24 AM berkley

fixed bug in handleSQuery that returned the tag in the <query> tag of a resultset.
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441 09/12/2000 10:37 AM bojilova

added check from "read" permission on "query" and "squery" actions
for connected user or for "public" connection

437 09/05/2000 01:51 PM berkley

added support for getabstract action

436 09/05/2000 01:50 PM berkley

Added a method called getNodeContent which retrieves the content of a node in a document. If there are more than one nodes with the same name returned, it returns an array with all of the data.

433 09/05/2000 08:45 AM berkley

no message

431 09/01/2000 05:37 PM Matt Jones

Modified MetaCatServlet to use the new DocumentImpl.toXml() method for
efficiency of reading documents. See bugzilla bug #111 for an explanation.

429 09/01/2000 05:14 PM Matt Jones

Fixed document reading bug (bugzilla bug #111) so that reading documents
is no longer a power function of the number of nodes in the document
(which used to be the case). Now, reading a document occurs entirely
within DocumentImpl, by making a single SQL call to get the document data,...

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